Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken Review (2018)

Do you know the reason why it is called the Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken? Me neither. All the dishes use black pepper during seasoning, why does this one has it in its name? From my opinion it could be because you can see the black pepper even when you are three feet away from the bowl. If you open their website and click on the photo of black pepper chicken, the black dots are clearly visible even if you are 1 meter away from the computer screen. It also has celery and onions which also makes this look appealing.

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Panda Express Feedback

Why Go for Panda Express Catering?

How Good Is the Panda Express Teriyaki Chicken?

Well, veggie haters will not find this attractive. Someone who is looking forward to a healthy diet will love to have this for their meal any day.

While many people are indulging in the Orange Chicken, I would rather have this. It has only 280 calories and 7g of sugar. The protein is the same amount as the Orange Chicken. That means I am getting the good part without having to deal with extra calories and cholesterol. Now let me tell you the real reason why this is my favorite.

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

The Meal is tasty and ancient.

.Sometimes I felt like the pet chicken I had as a kid. Even that was crazy about my mother’s Black Pepper Chicken. We would give it and I was surprised that it was a cannibal.

It would take it in its beak and run at its fastest speed, go far away from us just to have the chicken piece all to itself. It did not like any other food and ate other food in small amounts.

When I was a kid, my mother would tell my father for takeout but there was no proper place to have meals at that time in the place where we lived. I am sure there is going to be Panda Express now. Panda Express has so many locations all over the USA.

It’s easy to Order a take Out from Panda Express

That is why my mother started making this. I loved Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken. I crave for it most of the time. Whenever I have relatives coming to visit me, I take them there and order the Black Pepper Chicken. They never said anything good about it but my cousin took the Orange Chicken.

I cannot wait to order black pepper chicken whenever I go there for a meal. I love how the staffs are polite and fast. The restaurant is clean which makes me want to eat there more often. If I saw something weird such as a cockroach or any other unhygienic items, I would never go there.

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken is Authentic

Panda Express did not disappoint me so far and I happy with the way they put up all the details of their nutrients in the dishes. If you want authentic food, you will be disappointed.

They serve the American version of Chinese food. I am glad Panda Express exist close to my house. If I have to go somewhere with a large group, I go there. If you are thinking their food will be spicy then you are wrong.

While their String Bean Chicken Breast is not something mind-blowing, Black Pepper Chicken makes the difference. I would recommend this dish for you. If anybody is going to Panda Express for the first time, do not forget to make them taste this. You can take Chow Mein because that is also tasty.

Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken Recipe is Awesome

Getting back to the recipe of Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken. It requires

  • chicken thighs, skinless and boneless, a full green bell pepper,
  • whole orange bell pepper,
  • celery, green onion, corn starch, onion,
  • creole seasoning, garlic powder, black pepper,
  • Onion powder, ginger powder and lastly do not forget the extra virgin olive oil. Rinse the chicken and let it dry and coat the pieces with this.
  • Cooking them for few minutes on each side will complete half of the cooking. Let us get to the rest.
  • Half cup chicken broth, oyster sauce, vinegar,
  • Minced garlic, black pepper,
  • chili powder and ginger powder are the ingredients for the sauce

Don’t Worry About Going For a Sauce.

While you can get readymade sauces for Orange Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken, you will not get the same for this one. That is why you have to make it at home and hope it will be just like Panda Express.

Since I always eat this, it is not difficult for me to make this at home. If you do not know how to get the food to taste similar, you can take few bites from the Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken and your one by keeping them side by side and only then you can tell the difference.

Panda Express Prices (2018)

Panda Express has been running successfully for a long time. If you love their food, you should be updated with the latest prices. They have their Orange Chicken which is loved by everyone and also many other tasty items. For any restaurant to be successful, it requires a positive attitude, proper manners with the guests and hygiene. Panda Express had all that. Thanks to the owners.

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The State at Panda Express.

Benevolence, a positive state of mind, cleanliness so unequivocal together the potentials had made an oasis of having a place, and not only here in but rather at several areas crosswise over California and more.

Panda Express Prices

Panda Express Prices

About Panda Express

The mild climate and abundance of autos made Southern California the ideal bringing forth ground for America’s $200 billion food industry. There are so many speedy serve ideas that cover the world, a surprising number—including Der Wiener schnitzel, McDonald’s, Del Taco, and obviously Taco Bell —were brought forth on a social road corner.

It should not shock anyone that this Chinese American eatery that would prompt Panda Express realm, Panda Inn, started its entryways in Pasadena during 1973.

History specialists of quick serve food will disclose that if an eatery gets on, one of the two situations will work out.

The first thought demonstrates greater than the little time business visionary who considered it, with more aspiration and administrative ability transform it to a marvel.

Here are the newest Panda Express menu prices.

Panda Express Menu: Make Your Plate Costs

Obtainable Sides: Chow Mein, Mixed Veggies, Brown Steamed Rice, White Steamed Rice, and Fried Rice

Any one Side and two Entrees is $6.59, any one Side and three Entrees is $8.08, Panda Express Menu: Bowl Charges, Any one Side and one Entree is $5.59

Panda Express Menu: Meal Prices Kid’s

Guests eleven and below

Any one junior Side, one junior Entree, 12 ounces Drink and fortune Cookie are $4.79

Panda Express Menu: Family Feast Price

 Serves four to five

3 Large Entrees and 2 Large Sides…. $30.00

Panda Express A La Carte Menu: Prices

Any Single Side at $2.50, Any Large Side at $3.50, Any Single Entree at $3.50, Any Large Entree at $9.50

Panda Express Add-On Menu: Prices

Complement your 2-Entree Plate at $1.49, Sweet & Sour Chicken at $1.49, Cream Cheese Rangoon 3 Pieces at $1.49, Veggie Spring Rolls 2 Pieces at $1.49, Egg Roll Chicken One Pc at $1.49

Panda Express Drinks Menu: Prices

 Small Fountain Drink at $1.59, Medium Fountain Drink at $1.79, Large Fountain Drink at $1.99, Water Bottled at $1.79, Specialty &Juices at $1.89, Premium at $2.09

In the A La Carte, you get

Sides: White Steamed Rice, Mixed Veggies, Fried Rice, Chow Mein, or Brown Steamed Rice, Medium Sides include: Chow Mein, Mixed Veggies, White Steamed Rice, Fried Rice or Brown Steamed Rice.

Medium Entrees at Panda Express.

Medium Entrees consist of: String Bean Chicken Breast, Orange Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Broccoli Beef, Sweet Fire Chicken Breast, Beijing Beef, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Mushroom Chicken or Honey Sesame Chicken Breast.

Large entrees at Panda Express.

Large Entrees include the famous Orange Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, String Bean Chicken Breast, Kung Pao Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Broccoli Beef, Sweet Fire Chicken Breast, Beijing Beef, Mushroom Chicken or Honey Sesame Chicken Breast

Small Premium Entrees (Honey Walnut Shrimp or Shanghai Angus) at $4.95

Medium Premium Entrees (Honey Walnut Shrimp or Shanghai Angus Steak) at $9.40

Large Premium Entrees (Honey Walnut Shrimp or Shanghai Angus Steak at $13.45

Remember to Take Advantage of Panda Express Coupons.

 They are also known for their cost-effective prices. If you still want to find out how you can reduce the prices, there are coupons and promo codes. There are gift cards that can get you discounts. There are offers are such $3 off from a purchase of $5. There are many sites that also let you have discounts to Panda Express prices.

Panda Express Prices

Panda Express Prices

Panda Express History

This American Chinese chain takes after the last course to an incredible degree (new ingredients, a custom of respecting its representatives with more pay and enhanced advantages, and no establishments in the United States. Panda Express has more than 1,900 locations in the US, Mexico, Canada, the organization accomplished more than two billion dollars in deals a year ago.

Panda Express Headquarters

The Headquarter is located in San Gabriel Valley, the Group is exclusively claimed by the owners that propelled it decades back, and is controlled by a standout amongst the most fascinating force pair in the historical backdrop of American eatery networks.

Panda Express CEO

Peggy and Andrew Cherng went to the United States as immigrants during the 1960s. Both of them spearheaded what is presently called “quick casual” eating—still inside the food circle however serving more healthy admission than taco or burger and the price is so less for a complete feast.

Today the couple fill in as CEOs of an organization that basically claims the Chinese cuisine segment of the fast casual serve advertise. Their total assets are evaluated higher than three billion dollars.

Panda Express Beijing Beef Review (2018)

When you go to the Panda Express’ official website, you will want to check the menu. That is the main reason why most people go there. Upon hovering in the list of Entrees, at the bottom right at the top of Eggplant Tofu and Honey Walnut Shrimp. You will discover a spicy dish whose name sounds appealing. It is the Beijing Beef. I have always been a beef lover. Since I was a child, I would always order beef burgers, steaks and lasagna. Basically, I take beef over chicken, fish, tofu or anything, any day.

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3. Panda Express Chow Mein Review. How about Panda Express Chow Mein?

Every time I search the internet for beef recipes I do not get anything that much. It is either Beef Kebabs or Barbecue whereas other ingredients have a lot of recipes.

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Vegetables

Let us not talk about vegetables because the list would cross a million dishes with spinach and broad bean pie and roasted cauliflower lasagna on top. Although, did you know the world’s best lasagna comes from beef.

If you are searching recipes for chicken or seafood or any kind of fish, there will be numerous of them. Consider to include some of the panda express vegetables that are discussed above

Panda Express Menu-Large lists of Dishes to choose from.

 I never tried Panda Express before even though I heard a lot about their Orange Chicken. My friends always have the Orange Chicken and rice as the Entrée. I do not remember what kind of rice they take.

I think the white steamed one or the fried rice. I would prefer Chow Mein over any kind of rice at Panda Express or anywhere. First of all, I can make rice at home whereas preparing Chow Mein would be difficult.

Plus, I do not get any taste in the brown or white rice. I feel the fried rice is overloaded with soy sauce, another reason why I think I can make it at home.

You can even make the Panda Express Beijing beef at Home.

If you are trying to make Panda Express Beijing Beef at home, you will need a wok. If you like Chinese food and want to prepare them at home, get one today. Panda Express prepares all their dishes in the wok.

You will require Hoisin sauce, oyster sauce and sweet chili sauce. The wok will not be enough for this cooking, a large pan for frying is compulsory as well. Let us get back to the time when I first tried the Beijing Beef.

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Beijing Beef Nutritional Data

It is like the Orange Chicken of Panda Express but with more calories. It has more than 400 calories, in fact more than a KFC fillet burger. To be precise, it has 470 calories and the KFC burger has 440 calories.

It has a lot of sugar in it, 24g and 25mg cholesterol. There is saturated fat along with a lot of calories coming from fat. The good news is that it does have Protein since it is beef and not vegetable. I ordered the Beijing Beef while my friends went with their usual chicken.

The Beijing Beef is tasty. When I was going to Panda Express with my friends by my car, I was wondering what crispy beef could be like.

Visit Panda Express to Get Best Customer Care Service

Getting back to Panda Express, upon entering, they served our food. Someone said “Welcome to Panda Express” as we entered. My friends had pre-ordered the food so there was no waiting.

The first bite blew me away because the beef was soft. I was worried whether my love for beef will be gone when I bite on a crispy solid chunk of beef. Beijing Beef is not an authentic or a real Chinese dish, it is made by Panda Express.

The good news is that it does not matter because it is tasty. Do not think that it is something from China. Panda Express is all about Americanized Chinese foods.

Make Sure to Try the Awesome Taste of Beijing Beef

Beijing Beef was first tested as a temporary dish on their menu. After customers started loving it, they made it an Entrée. The sweet and spicy sauce makes it taste like sweet and sour chicken

During lunch time, they make so much Beijing Beef yet they cannot sit on the trays. The batches of Beijing Beef finish even before they have been placed in the tray for twenty minutes.

The surprising fact is that even though it tastes so well, Orange Chicken sells more than this. Also, if you ask a group of ten people who tasted both of the Entrees what they would pick, 9 out of 10 will go with Orange Chicken.

Visit Panda Express and try the Broccoli Beef

There are people who thinks that Beijing Beef is real Chinese dish but the truth is that it is not. In fact, it is made up like the Mongolian Beef. It does not matter because it tastes nice and I would love to have it again and again. If you are worried about the calories then you can try the Broccoli beef which is a healthy option. Even though they have tables, I prefer take out when I get Beijing Beef once in a while.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce Review (2018)

Should i buy the panda express orange chicken sauce? Panda Express sells more than 70 million pounds of orange chicken every year. While they have a lot of dishes like Beijing beef, Kung Pao chicken and Mandarin chicken, this one takes the trophy. There is no clear reason to why people love this so much and now they are also coming up with a burrito where they put Orange Chicken in it. Since people love it so much, they also sell the sauce separately. In that way, you can enjoy Panda Express Orange Chicken at home.

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Panda Express Menu, Prices, Nutrition

Panda Express Jobs

During 2010, they were giving out free specimens of orange chicken, utilizing the Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce. We also had it at that time. Truly, it tastes lovely. I wanted to get a jug and fill it up and bring it back home. If you have that, this is how you make the Orange Chicken at home.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce

Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce

Panda Express Orange Chicken Ingredients.

  • 4 chicken defrosted boneless breasts
  • 2 eggs
  • 8 oz. of flour
  • 4 oz. cornstarch
  • pepper and salt

Panda Express Orange Sauce

  • Cut your chicken into tiny pieces.
  • In a bowl whisk, the two eggs.
  • In a distinct bowl combine flour and cornstarch with somewhat pepper and salt
  • At that point plunge your chicken into the cornstarch /flour, and afterward into the egg blend.
  • Place chicken into warm oil. I utilized only a normal skillet filled one-third of the route up with oil (canola or vegetable -do not utilize Olive Oil).
  • Ensure that your oil remains at a mild of around 375 degrees or your chicken will not be firm outwardly.
  • Cook on to each side-around 120 seconds for each side or until sautéed.
  • In a separate skillet include around 15 oz. of sauce.
  • At that point include your cooked chicken. Give chicken stew access the sauce for around 5 minutes.
  • Present with noodles or rice.

 Pros With Preparing Panda Express Orange Chicken at Home

There are many advantages to making this at home even though Panda Express is not expensive. You can get fresh food anytime. If you are craving for this at 3AM, you can have this. No Panda Express stays open at that time. The highest one is 2 AM most probably yet only on a Saturday.

Some people attempted to make the sauce at home and that could be messy. You will lots of ingredients such as orange juice, orange marmalade, soy sauce, ginger and so on. Rather than that, simply buy this and it is available in stores and online as well.

You don’t have to queue

Do you like sitting tight in line for your food? What about the practical chances that you will have to wait because of the long line of customers? What about dropping 9 dollars for a 2-decision Chinese plate with drink? Eating outside can be fun with friends but when you are alone at home, and want to prepare a decent meal all you need is some chicken and this sauce.

You save time and money

You like Panda Express orange chicken, however couldn’t care less for the entire Panda Express involvement particularly when you are sick or cannot leave your home.

You know, I believe I’m downplaying how much I adore orange chicken. I am crazy about orange chicken. I might become completely broke buying their sauce.

I really do not live close to a Panda Express any longer. That is why this orange chicken sauce is here to save me.

You can order the Panda Express orange Chicken Sauce.

While strolling as of late through Costco, I found the response to the rapscallion petitions of my gut. Panda Express makes an orange chicken sauce in the jug. Surprisingly better, it comes in the big size.

I needed to wheel the whole jug into my car for a considerable length of time of orange chicken goodness, however my friend recommended we test it before such an expansive duty is made. You may not need to make the sauce but you can order one.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce

Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce

Making of Copycat Panda Express Sauce

On the following attempt, I took some simple chicken, and plunged it into broken and whisked egg, and afterward a salt/pepper/flour/cornstarch blend. At that point, I broiled the chicken in some Vegetable oil. You could presumably sear in a container/wok with any oil of your picking.

In a different skillet, I warmed a good measure of the orange sauce. Later the seared bits of chicken were depleted of oil, I dropped them in the warm sauce, blended, and let them stand for two or three minutes.

I quietly anticipated the rice cooker’s obvious beep of white cushiness, and finished the rice with the orange chicken goodness. To be completely forthright, it is near to the orange chicken you get at Panda Express. The sauce has an entirely vinegar taste, and has some zesty pop.

Panda Express Copycat Sauce Finally Explained 

Preparing rice should be easy so you can have that with the orange chicken. I prefer noodles, I do not why I never like rice whether I am eating at home or out. The Chow Mein can be difficult to make.

Those who bought the sauce rated it five out of five. Although some buyers said they liked it better at the stores. You do not only have the Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce with just chicken. It is perfect with egg rolls, rice, French fries, steak, noodles, soup and so on.

 Family Review of Panda Express Orange Chicken Copycat Sauce

After free samples were given out, people got interested into this sauce because everybody loves Orange Chicken. There are families who prefer to buy this sauce than any other sauces for their daily cooking and eating.

You can have it at breakfast, lunch or dinner. It has a lot of uses besides just being a dressing for orange chicken. After opening it, store it in the refrigerator so that you can use it for a long time before it goes bad. Panda Express also sells other sauces but this one has the most number of buyers. You should try it also.

Panda Express locations Near Me (2018) in America: How to find it?

Finding a Panda Express Location near me in America requires you to do a research. Most of the Panda Express locations near you offer different varieties of Chinese cuisines and different services. Both the American residents and Chinese residents benefit a lot from this restaurant and other Panda Express services. I believe that having a little bit of Chinese experience and culture in the states it’s quite vital. The ability to locate one near them is important too.

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What Time Does Panda Express Close?

Maybe if you are an American citizen and you had this goal to visit China one day, your dream may have come true just right in the states. Again, if you are a Chinese native living in America, dining in the Panda Restaurant makes you just feel at home.

There are a lot of Panda Express locations near you, some may be far away but others may be just one call away.  Finding one of the Panda Locations near you may save you some coins. Some of their locations and addresses in the United States can be found through.

Conducting a Google Search

Panda Express locations

Panda Express locations

Most of the Panda express restaurants near you have updated their information online.  All you have to do is to type the name of either your city or it’s Zip code.  Definitely, the search results will bring information about different cities that host the Panda Express restaurants.

You will click on the link to your city. Let’s see it practical. You are living in the New York. You want to locate ta Panda Express location that is near you. You will first google the world ‘Panda location near me.

You will navigate your search to New York City. This will display all the addresses and location of the different Panda Express locations located in New York. You will further navigate your search to your local place. Is it that just easy?

Visiting Your Panda Express Near You Official Website

With the integration of technology in almost all facets of our life, enterprises are creating websites to market their products. That’s what most Panda outlets are doing to market their services to clients.

Through visiting their website, you will be redirected to an outlet that’s near you. With the web feature, you don’t need to walk to your Panda express location. You can order goods online. This is the best way to get their services at your doorsteps.

You will be able to skip the long queues waiting to be served, Avoid transportation and other miscellaneous charges that you may incur. However, you need to be careful not to fall into the hands of internet scammers who may direct you to other sites. Just be smart here and before you link your credit card.

Follow Customer Reviews on Travel Sites and Other Social Media Pages

Searching for client’s reviews about a particular place may not only provide you with the place locations but will also mirror out to you the kind of services that you should expect at this places.

Authentic customers reviews page contain a mixture of both positive and negative reviews. It will be quite abnormal to find that customers have provided positive reviews about a given type of product only.

You will understand the parking charge, how easy it is to use some of their services. Definitely, most review pages contain contact and address information and even some reviewers place their contacts for future client’s further queries.

Panda Express locations

Panda Express locations

Make Use of the Google Map

Google Maps may help locate a nearby Panda Express location.  There are different to locate places by use of this Google feature. Most of the Panda Express outlets have shared their locations with their clients on google maps.

Plus there are many other applications that can be used to locate a nearby friend or business location. Facebook, may notify you of possible business locations near you. It becomes quite easy to even use other applications than even the use of Google maps in the location of places.

In conclusion, there are many ways that can be used in the location of a nearby place, a business of friends nearby you. You may just need to bank on the four explained points to help you locate you nearby Panda express outlet. However, it also goes without saying that some of this method may bring variant results and you need to filter out the relevant information for your search.

Panda Express Nutrition (2018)

A lot of people love Chinese food, particularly one served at panda Express. However some of the Chinese food makes them add more weight. That is why we have accumulated the names of the items from their menu along with the calories. This helps check Chinese delicacy important for you. For instance, if you love Beijing Beef but when you spot the calories, you will want something much healthier such as the Broccoli Beef. At the end, you will find the names of the healthy choices and also why they are considered as that.

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Panda Express Chicken Nutrional Data

Asian Chicken has 340 calories, Black Pepper Chicken has 200 calories, Firecracker Chicken Breast has 220 calories, and Grilled Asian Chicken has 300 calories, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 250 calories, Kung Pao Chicken 240 calories, Mushroom Chicken 180 calories

Orange Chicken has 420 calories, Potato Chicken has 190 calories, String Bean Chicken Breast 160 calories, Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast 380 calories, Sweet Fire Chicken Breast 440 calories, Teriyaki Chicken 340 calories

Panda Express Nutrition

Panda Express Nutrition

Panda Express Beef/Fish Nutrional Data

 Beijing Beef has 690 calories, Broccoli Beef has 120 calories, and Shanghai Angus Steak has 220 calories, Steamed Ginger Fish has 200 calories

SIDE DISHES Nutrional Facts

Chow Fun has 410 calories, Chow Mein has 490 calories, Fried Rice has 530 calories, Mixed Veggies (Side) has 70 calories, Steamed Brown Rice has 420 calories, and Steamed White Rice has 380 calories

SHRIMP/Veggies Nutritional Data

Crispy Shrimp has 260 calories, Golden Treasure Shrimp has 390 calories, Honey Walnut Shrimp has 370 calories, Country Style Bean Curd has 191 calories, Eggplant & Tofu has 310 calories, Hot Szechuan Tofu has 140 calories, and Mixed Veggies (Entree) has 35 calories


Chicken Egg Roll has 200 calories, Chicken Pot sticker has 220 calories, Cream Cheese Rangoon has 190 calories, Hot & Sour Soup has 100 calories, and Veggie Spring Roll has 160 calories


Kids Asian Chicken has 200 calories, Kids Beijing Beef 520 calories, Kids Black Pepper Chicken has 140 calories, Kids Broccoli Beef has 100 calories, Kids Brown Steamed Rice 310 calories, Kids Chow Mein has 280 calories, Kids Crispy Shrimp has 170 calories, Kids Eggplant Tofu has 250 calories, Kids Firecracker Chicken Breast has 170 calories, Kids Fried Rice has 350 calories,

Kids Dishes at Panda Express and their Nutrional Content.

Kids Golden Treasure Shrimp 230 calories. Kids Grilled Asian Chicken has 180 calories, Kids Grilled Teriyaki Chicken has 180 calories, Kids Honey Walnut Shrimp has 200 calories, Kids Kung Pao Chicken has 190 calories, and Kids Mixed Veggies (Entree) has 35 calories

Kids Mixed Veggies (Side) has 70 calories, Kids Mushroom Chicken has 130 calories, Kids Orange Chicken has 290 calories, Kids Potato Chicken has 150 calories, and Kids Shanghai Angus Steak has 170 calories

Kids String Bean Chicken Breast has 120 calories, Kids Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast has 290 calories, Kids Sweet Fire Chicken Breast has 330 calories, Kids Teriyaki Chicken has 200 calories, `and Kids White Steamed Rice has 240 calories


Chili Sauce ,Fortune Cookies, Hot Mustard, Plum Sauce, Pot sticker Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce

What are some of the Healthy Choices at Panda Express?

The healthy choices are from the chicken section is Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Mushroom Chicken and String Bean Chicken Breast. In the String Bean, most of the calories come from protein which means it is an excellent option for lunch or dinner.

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken also has almost 50% of it to be protein. If your favorite meat is beef, you will have several choices but go with the Broccoli Beef. There were lots of memes and data on the internet going on saying how broccoli and has more protein than beef.

While that might not be true or it is misleading, you can be sure that it is a healthy dish. The Beijing Beef has so much calories that cutting them off would be hard. If you search lists of healthy Chinese dishes or ask experts about it, they would recommend the Broccoli Beef.

Going for Shrimp at Panda Express?

There are choices for shrimp, but I would not recommend any unless you love shrimps because for many reasons. They do not fall into the healthy category is a prime cause. They come with a lot of cholesterol which is not good for the heart.

People have this wrong idea that if they have shrimp, they are going to get protein. It is not true because the shrimp dishes here have very less protein compare to fat.

The amount of carbohydrates and fat is more compared to protein. Crispy Shrimp has 46% fat and 40% carbs, Golden Treasure Shrimp has 44% fat and 40% carbohydrates and Honey Walnut Shrimp has 370 calories where fat makes more than 50%.

 Healthy Rice Dishes at Panda Express

 Steamed White Rice

Steamed White Rice has 0% fat, so you can go for that and 92% of it is carbohydrates. Steamed Brown Rice has a lot more calories than the first one as you have seen above and 83% is carbohydrates.

Chow Miens Fried Rice and Entrée vegetables

 Chow Mein and Fried Rice has so much calories it will fill your tummy. Though they taste better than white rice or brown rice so people end up buying the Chow Mein or Fried Rice. Another zero-fat dish would be the entrée mixed veggies.

It is incredible because you get protein and carbohydrates without any fat. If you are a vegetarian, you can have this. There is nothing wrong going with the Hot and Sour Soup that has only 100 calories and a nice amount of protein.

It also helps if you are dealing with fever or cold. There is no direct link but hot and sour soup can stop the root of inflammation which is linked to cold. That means, you do not have to take medications on the first day.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Receipe (2018) [Step by Step]

Panda express restaurant offers a lot of fast food choices. Some of their recipes have lasted for more than 20 years and up to date, Panda Express has some of the best chicken recipes liked by a great number of clients. However not all the times that we might have the financial ability and time to visit the Panda Express Restaurant. Therefore at some given time, we might find it necessary to prepare some of their best food just at the comfort of our home.

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Panda Express Burrito with Orange Chicken Are Everyone’s Favorite

One of the most prepared Panda Express food at home is the Panda Express Orange Chicken. The meal has a list of easy to search ingredients. On top of that, the Panda Express orange chicken has a lot of history and most Chinese residents liken the favorite dish since it’s sweet and crunchy.  The race to prepare the Panda Express orange chicken is on… and you will need to have.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe Ingredient

Panda Express Orange Chicken

Panda Express Orange Chicken

You will need to have

  • 1½ cup of water,
  • ½ cup of rice vinegar and a tea spoon of fresh ginger that is properly minced
  • ½ crushed red pepper flakes.
  • 1 cup of packed dark brown sugar,
  • 1 Big clove of Garlic that is minced,
  • 1 teaspoon of chopped but green onions
  • 2 tablespoons of orange juice,
  • 2 ½ tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch.
  • 3 tablespoons of water
  • ¼ cup of Lemmon juice.
  • , 4 boneless or skinless chicken breasts.
  • Have 1 cup of ice water, 1 egg,
  • ¼ teaspoon of salt with 2-4 cups of vegetable oil.

The Panda Express Orange Chicken Recipe Directions

  • Mix all the prior mentioned sauce ingredients with the exception of Cornstarch and the three tablespoons of water.
  • Boil the mixture while stirring on a frequent basis. At times, you will be required to regulate your source of heat to lower levels.
  • Place the chicken into a resalable bag.
  • Remove 1 cup sauce from the pan and add to the resalable bag of chicken.
  • Let the chicken soak for a period of about two hours.
  • Preheat the oil in a skillet to a temperature of 400 degrees.
  • Mix the cornstarch with the three tablespoons of water while your oil will be heating. The cornstarch mixture should be added to the remaining sauce and the sauce should be heated gently until it thickens. At this time, you may remove the sauce from heat and cover it.
  • Beat the ice water alongside your egg in a clean bowl
  • add a proportionate amount of salt and baking soda and one cup of flour and mix
  • You can now coat every single piece of chicken into dry flour and latter dip the piece into the batter.
  • Slide the chicken pieces into the hot oil. Allow the chicken pieces to cook for about three to four minutes.
  • Remove the chicken pieces from oil and let them drain.
  • Preheat the sauce and you can drizzle the sauce over the top of the of the chicken until everything is nicely coated.
  • Stir once or twice and you will have the Panda Express orange chicken right at your doorstep from the Panda express orange chicken recipe.
Panda Express Orange Chicken

Panda Express Orange Chicken

What Tools Will I Use to Make the Panda Express Orange Chicken Right at Home?

Wok enables you to cook faster and over high heats. The srirnche will also heat in moderation as per your set standards. The citrus zest tool will also help you out. The tool zest citrus works perfectly without altering the pitch of your recipe.

However, it’s not mandatory that you use this tool, as they’re complimentary tools in your kitchen that can serve the same purpose as this tools. If you just follow the shred recipe guidelines.

But the use of some of the mentioned tools will definitely increase the quality of the Panda express orange chicken that you will make. Another point note is that trying to improvise with the manufacture of some of the required ingredients will definitely destroy the taste of the final product.

In conclusion, you can prepare your favorite Panda Express orange chicken right at your home with the use of the well explained direction and ingredients. I tell you that you’re family and friends will love it.

Panda Express Menu, Prices, Nutrition (2018)

Why Panda Express is the Best? There are many individuals who have tried hundreds of restaurants but still Panda Express is their favorite. It has everything which attracts people all the time. It offers big amounts at inexpensive rates, amazing customer service and nice atmosphere for the whole family. If you walk in, you will hear the words “Welcome to Panda” and there are so many locations that you will find one near you. Those who do not have one nearby, there is no need to worry, Panda Express will be there. It is covering more areas to get close to its customers.

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Panda Express Jobs

Panda Express Hours

Benefits of using Panda Express coupons

Wide Menu with Different Choices.

There are a lot of items in the menu, you can also visit their menu online at their official website. Regulars love the full menu because there is no mistake in their taste. You can have the orange chicken because it is so much loved that they sell over 60 million pounds of it each year.

Panda Express Menu

Panda Express Menu

If you are a beef lover, there is the Beijing Beef. The problem could be the high calorie in it. If you do not have any issue with that, you can always have that. If you are a beef lover but the calories are turning to be a matter of worry, there is the broccoli beef made every day fresh on their wok. It has only 150 calories but has all the taste and goodness of beef.

Types of entrees at Panda Express

These are the Entrees they have: Orange Chicken, Honey Sesame Chicken Breast, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken, Beijing Beef, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp, and Eggplant Tofu.

Black Pepper Chicken, String Bean Chicken Breast, Broccoli Beef, Sweet Fire Chicken Breast and Shanghai Angus Steak. Sides include: Mixed Vegetables, Chow Mein, Fried Rice, Brown Steamed Rice and White Steamed Rice. Appetizers are Chicken Pot sticker, Cream Cheese Rangoon, Chicken Egg Roll, Veggie Spring Roll and Crispy Shrimp.

Going for Carbohydrates at Panda Express? Try this.

For carbohydrates, you can choose between Chow Mein and the rice options. Many individuals go with the rice as Panda Express does an excellent job at preparing it. Chow Mein is exception there and it is difficult to make at home.

The best part is that all their foods are fresh so no matter what you pick you will have a nice lunch or dinner. If you did not like Asian food before, Panda Express will change your perspective. Broccoli beef and Mushroom Chicken are healthy options

If you are trying to pick something that is good for the body. Beijing Beef, Eggplant Tofu and Orange Chicken are considered spicy.

Panda Express Menu

Panda Express Menu

Panda Express Prices

It is famous for its existence at American shopping center food courts, the California-based fast food chain got a lot of attention when it started operations in several locations around New York City during 2016.

New York City is a place popular for boasting many of the excellent restaurants in the globe and where many restaurants boast themselves on their classy knowledge of Chinese food and cuisine, Panda Express still takes the crown for Americanized Chinese food. This is due to their savvy customer care service.

 Selected Entrees Prices at Panda Express.

The prices are reasonable as mentioned above, let us see what they have. We talked about the Entrees from their menu, if you take two entrees with one side, it will be only $6.80. That means you can take Orange Chicken and Broccoli Beef with Fried Rice.

It is one of the most popular combo there: Orange Chicken and Rice with another Entrée. If you want just one Entrée with rice or Chow Mein, go with the Bowl option which is only $5. Even though the prices are so less compared to other cuisines and food, people still look for ways to save money.

That is totally reasonable and Panda Express also aids you to do that. They put up coupons, deals, offers and promo codes for their customers to use. There were offers that if you complete a personal review of their restaurant, you can get a free entrée on your next visit. Promo codes are also useful when ordering from their site.

Customized Family Orders at Panda Express

Kids can have the eleven and under meal at $4.9 only. It comes with a junior side, a junior entrée, 12 ounces drink and a fortune cookie. Panda Express serves fresh food so it is completely safe for the kids.

The Family Feast that is for four to five people is $30. If you are going to order food from Panda express for an occasion or party, which is also possible. There is the A La Carte menu where you can get premium entrees such as Honey Walnut Shrimp. If you want to know more about their food, follow the link below.

Panda Express Nutrition

There are many people who care about what they are putting into their bodies beside just the taste. Some people are more conscious than others. If you are trying to lose weight, you will want to know how much calories something has before you eat it. To help you with all these, there is the Panda Express nutrition calculator.

Using Panda Express Nutritional Calculator

If you want to know the details of what is inside your food, you have to click on an item from the menu. For example, you go to Sides, then White Steamed Rice. If your body does not welcome sugar well, you can take the White Steamed Rice as it has 0g of sugar.

If you are looking for something with a high protein content, choose Chow Mein. White Steamed Rice also has 0g of sodium and thus it can be a healthier option for many. Chow Mein is for those who wants to have protein in their diet. You can also few items and check all together how much calorie they have. At the beginning, we were talking about calories and all the results have been found from the Panda Express official website.

Panda Express Jobs (2018)

Since Panda Express has lots of customers thus they constantly are in the search for new workers in various sectors. If you want to get a job at Panda Express, there are things you should know so that there is no need to worry about getting hired. Panda Express frequently needs to contract people who reliably dependable person. An enlisting chief contacts qualified employee to plan prospective employee meetings of getting and looking into the fitting structures.

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Panda Express Hours

Benefits of using Panda Express coupons

Why Go for Panda Express Catering?

Candidates for the most part hear once again from inside up to 14 days and timetable meetings as indicated by accessibility. Applicants must be present at the meeting on time and prepared to answer inquiries concerning individual history, work foundation, work abilities, and accessibility.

You have to know about the organization history and their food. The capacity to recount menu from memory or realities about the development of the fast food chain frequently inspires contracting chiefs and may prompt further thought for work.

Panda Express Jobs

Panda Express Jobs


Dress as needs be contingent upon the position wanted. Administrative competitors should wear formal apparel, while kitchen staff and server should wear business clothing.

The dominatingly shopping center based fast food chain conducts question-and-answer sessions one-on-one, with planned representatives and additionally telephone meetings and gathering interviews, contingent upon the capacity of candidates. Some eatery areas acquaint potential contracts with current Panda Express workers amid the prospective employee meet-up.

Show certainty amid the meeting and feature any past involvement in the eatery business. Answer inquiries addresses plainly and compactly, yet maintain a strategic distance from over-explaining. Do not talk unnecessarily but you can discuss something that the hiring supervisor finds interesting. If you are not talking uselessly, there is a huge chance of getting hired.

Possible Interview Questions

Inquiries questions cover past occupations and unwavering quality as a future worker. Particular illustrations include:

  • Why do you think that you are perfect fit for this restaurant?
  • If there was something you would change about your last job, what is it?
  • What is your favorite item from our menu?
  • What are your biggest weaknesses?
  • Planned directors may need to react to inquiries questions designed for authority strategies and capacities to viably keep up operations and guarantee consumer loyalty.
Panda Express Jobs

Panda Express Jobs

Exploring the Hiring Process

By and large, candidates just need to take part in a solitary meeting. Administrative competitors are normally the main candidates to experience numerous meetings. Each meeting shifts long, with most Panda Express prospective employee meetings enduring upwards up to half an hour.

Enlisting administrators may finish off meetings with a vocation offer, however many of them hold up as long as seven days to get a get back to in regards to business.

Panda Express Job Requirements

Here are some of the details of what you should be able to do. You should be able to carry out routine food service activity as indicated by set up operational approaches and techniques. You should be showing essential learning of menu and reacts to visitor request and worries in an obliging way.

You should be happy working with our visitors and kindred partners, have great correspondence and relational abilities. It is important to realize that knowledge and development are keys to individual and expert achievement and is eager and ready to impart to others. Learn to welcome and serve clients with quality sustenance and administration.

You should help with guaranteeing a flawless, sheltered and efficient eatery. Take after eatery and food security guidelines and rules. Tender loving care in nourishment/services quality and hygiene. Lastly, you should also guarantee a steady and sufficient supply of food ingredients is set up as per organization determinations and neighborhood wellbeing controls.

What they offer

If you get hired, you will get a lot from them such as medical insurance and training where they pay you to learn. Here are some of the offers for the workers. They offer dynamic compensation package and bonus opening.

Paid Training sets you up for progress and makes you more successful that you can imagine.  You can have an on-going career that helps you grow. Medical and dental insurance are obviously there.  You get 401 K with Company Match.

You also get paid breaks and dinners without any cost while you work. There are also chances of promotion. There are various durations of different person. For example, an individual can get hired in less than a week whereas someone might take a long time.

Pros with Panda Express Job Application

You just need to be smooth and confident. If you are not presenting yourself well, it can take a long time. The best part is that most part of Panda Express jobs, do not ask for much educational qualifications. If you have sufficient experience, you will be suited for most posts. Educational requirements are mostly having a GED certificate and high school certificates.

Lots of posts that you can apply for

There are lots of posts where you can work as a Panda Express employee. If you are an ex-military member, you have a 100% chance of getting employed. It is the largest family-owned Chinese restaurant where they have over two billion dollars in sales.

You chose the sector that you like.

Find a sector that interests you or where you want to work such as the Human Resources department, marketing, and menu development and so on. Just like any other job in the world, Panda Express requires you to give importance to teamwork. It will increase the efficiency and quality of the restaurant.

Excellent Team Work

Panda Express workers work in unison with great partnership. There should be a similar goal so that the whole team works to reach that target. That will lead to extra income. Team discussions always give birth to new ideas and inspiration.

People can come together and the work becomes fun rather than boring. You will become more confident and knowledgeable as you communicate with each other. Learning during a discussion or meeting can teach you a lot of things you never knew before which can help your job.

Also, the workload decreases that is how the job becomes easier. If you can get a job at Panda Express, you do not have to worry about anything.

Panda Express Order Online (2018) Panda Express Delivery

How to order Panda Express online? Although Panda Express does not have their delivery system, you can utilize their website for pick up or take-out orders. Visit their official website or the URL above which will directly take you to the Panda Express Order Online platform. There are four steps:

  1. Selecting the location
  2. Setting up the time
  3. Choosing and order your food
  4. Making the payment. Also, not to mention there are three kinds of order:
  • Personal order
  • Group order
  • Catering order.

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1. Panda Express Feedback. Panda Express is a casual and fast growing restaurant chain which provides American Chinese cuisine.

2. Panda Express Survey. Panda Express survey can measure customer satisfaction by taking into account customer fulfillment or disappointment rates.

3. Does Panda Express Delivery. How to enter the panda express delivery system?

Creating an Account with Panda Express.

Panda Express Order Online

Panda Express Order Online

If you do not have an account at Panda Express, then make one. Creating an account is easy. Click on Register, put on all the correct details and you should be a member of their website. No matter what kind of order you want to make, sign in first.

Signing up requires phone number, address etc. When you are going to choose food for yourself, you will see a map of the United States. If you are in New York, write that down in the search bar and you should be able to receive all the locations over there.

Since, New York is not a small place, you have to pick the restaurant that is closest to you. You can get all the details and how far they are from you. If you are viewing using the map, click on a spot to get more information.

Submitting Delivery Information

You will find out the address, since you are going to have to pick it up. It is not like they will deliver at your doorstep. You are going to have to get it. That is why, see properly and find out which one is reachable

You will also get their delivery time such as from 10:30 AM to 10: 00 PM every day. As you already know, the second step is selection on time. They will prepare your food in the shortest time possible.

Clicking the Order ButtonPersonal order

Move forward to the third step which is the ordering your food online. If you already know what you are going to have, this step should take less time. You can also browse through the categories and see which one you want to have.

From the category of “Plate” you can select one side dish and two entrees. There is the A La Carte menu along with kid’s menu, drinks, bigger plate, bowl, family feast, appetizers etc. You will also get the price next to all of the items.

Panda Express Food Order Online

Panda Express Food Order Online

Group Order at Panda Express

For ordering with groups, you must be a member and you cannot do that as guests of the Panda Express website. For Catering, you can use Panda Express Order Online through their website and you can have options for around 30 people.

For 12 to 16 people it will be slightly above one hundred dollars. For 18 to 22 people it will be around $145. For more than 26people it is going to be $185.

The process is the same. Start with a location that you prefer. They offer catering for any kind of programs such as a celebration at the office or any other events.

Panda Express Organizing Different Events

Sorting out, arranging, and facilitating an occasion of any size is a vast undertaking. There is a lot insignificant rundown of such a great amount of time before the day of your occasion. This insignificant rundown can make the whole procedure an upsetting difficulty.

Occasions should be fun and pleasant – both before and the day after. An extensive segment of getting ready for an occasion is nourishment – knowing the quantity of individuals you have to sustain, making sense of what sustenance you need to serve, setting up the sustenance, serving the food, and tidying up once your visitors take off.

Presently to us, that sounds like a considerable measure of work – yet work we appreciate doing. Underneath, we share with you five essential motivations to consider on why you ought to consider procuring a food provider such as Panda Express for your next occasion.

Why Procure Panda Express for Your Occasion?

There will be less stress. As you know, arranging an occasion requires a considerable measure of time and exertion. From adornments and solicitations to dishes and drinks – there are a great deal of things that go into making an occasion finish and significant.

A cooking organization can help you in making arrangements for one of the major to-dos: sustenance. A great deal of thought goes into what to serve at an occasion which can be unpleasant. Providing food organizations can facilitate this stress and deal with the diligent work.

You can save a lot of time. While contracting a providing food organization, if you do not need to arrange, cook, and serve the dishes, envision how much time that will spare. Making sense of what to cook, heading off to the supermarket, cooking for quite a long time, setting up and serving the sustenance, this takes a ton of time. What is more, when arranging an occasion, time is valuable.

Panda Express Offers a Versatile Menu.

If you are not certain what to serve at your occasion, they will help. Not certain how to get ready or present what you need to make? Panda Express clarifies everything about what will be served to your visitors. Regardless of whether you pick something off an itemized menu or have particular solicitations, we can adjust to make your vision a reality.

As a successful restaurant, Panda Express set aside opportunity to immaculate and introduce their food and drink choices in a way that will wow your visitors. They have the right stuff, understanding, and persistence to make your vision a reality.

Panda Express are Flexible to Clients Changes.

They can adjust to any setting condition to ensure your sustenance and drinks fit the scene and look idealize. You will be able to make a positive impression. At the point when an occasion is cooked, it leaves an enduring impression with visitors.

The latter makes an occasion feel more essential and organized. Regardless of whether it is a private occasion like a birthday, commemoration, get-together; an extraordinary day like a wedding; or a noteworthy occasion like a business gathering, having a providing food organization on location that can meet client needs speaks voluminously about yourself.