Panda Express Drive Thru Reviews of Various Locations

In this article, you will find out about different locations of Panda Express and their drive thru. If you know beforehand how they serve, you will not have to suffer later on. It will be helpful in deciding where to eat and not to eat. There are many branches of Panda Express all over the USA and nobody ever complains about the dine-in services. Is it the same for the Panda Express drive thru? Let us find out.

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(1953 Auto Center Dr, Antioch, CA 94509) This is our first location and it is shocking that customers who comes to dine in says the service is amazing. The servers are nice and friendly and the food is always fresh. When getting into the drive thru service, there are sayings that the worker does not even look at you. Due to this, they end up giving you the wrong food. Despite this odd service, the drive thru is always busy. The advantage of drive-thru is convenience and the food appears fast. I do not think this location of Panda Express is doing anything as such. There is always a congestion and it is not simple. It should be such that you buy your food and leave but here, you have to wait. The behavior of the staff is also not polite in the drive thru. They are so rude that even if you ask for a glass of water, they would refuse. If you buy food for someone homeless, that is not allowed. The employee training for this drive thru has been wrong on so many levels. If you are lucky, you will not have to wait or the line will be small. Customers who tried several Panda Express says this is the worst one for drive thru.

Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda Express Drive Thru

2704 US-22, Union, NJ 07083

Even about this drive thru, you are going to hear the same thing just like you did about the first one. I think they are really trying to improve though because people have been complaining since 2015. During 2014, customers praised this location for being quick and serving delicious foods. Later, people started to notice that the staffs became rude. For example, you complain that they go the order wrong, they would not be apologetic. Rather than that, they would tell you to move because there are other customers in line. There were complains about the food being uncooked. The portion was small and they did not add sauce. That was really disappointing to hear considering Panda Express makes tasty sauces and the portion is always huge. It was the same in the following year 2016 but this year, management is really taking the situation under control. Now, customers say the manager is nice and lets you try free sample. The staffs are always happy and smiling. There is no communication gap. Previously, there were price issues as well but now it is not there. Hopefully, they will improve more and people will be able to get food from the drive-thru.

8118 Mira Mesa Blvd Space A, San Diego, CA 92126

If you are in the neighborhood, grab your meal from here. The drive-thru is fast and quick. The staffs try to keep the restaurant and kitchen clean so you do not have to worry about hygiene. There are many regulars of Panda Express who just wants to eat Orange Chicken and rice. If you are that type of person, come here. They do not have Chow Mein as much as they have rice. If you are a noddle lover, there is a 30% chance of being disappointed because they might not have any. Another problem could be if you arrive there at 10 AM, you will have to wait for food and there is a chance they will serve the day before leftovers. You are probably wondering why will I go there when it just opened? No, it opens at 9:30 and those who are the first customers has to wait more than an hour to get food. What is the point of opening so early if they are not ready? The behavior is nice here so you can stop by for Chinese food. Of course, they are not authentic Chinese food but American versions that taste delicious.

Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda Express Drive Thru

5030 Rhonda Road, Anderson, CA 96007

It is somewhere you can go for drive-thru as it has friendly staff and nice foods. If you have to wait in line and complain about it there is nothing to do because Panda Express always has lots of customers particularly during the meal times. Many people complain about the wait. What can the staffs or the management do about it? The staffs try to work fast and provide the order quick so that the line keeps on moving. The food is fresh and if they run out of it, they will let you know the duration before the next batch arrives. Sometimes, you may have to wait ten minutes before the food arrives. If you cannot be patient, this is not the place.

688 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

If you want to fall in love with Panda Express, then this is the place. It is consistently fresh and food. If you are here, then you are in luck because the staffs are hardworking and polite while the food is delicious. The portions are also big here. Panda Express is famous because of the large amount they serve. While many other locations are getting Panda Express a bad reputation by serving small amount, this place still follows the style and rules of the original Panda Express. If you are not sure what to order, go with the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. For beef lovers, the Beijing Beef is going to be a descent choice. It opens at 10:30 AM but when you arrive you will find food here, unlike many other locations. If you are here for a trip, you can stay in any of the hotels nearby. When it is time for a meal, come here.

Not all Panda Express have the drive-thru and these were some of them that people usually talks about. It is not possible to gather all the drive-thru reviews in one article. The information here should help you when you want to go to Panda Express.

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