Panda Express Feedback Survey to Win Panda Express Coupons

Panda Express is a casual and fast growing restaurant chain which provides American Chinese cuisine. It is the major Asian part restaurant chain in the USA where it was originated and is chiefly located in North America, Asia and other places. Panda Express restaurants were conventionally located in shopping mall as small food courts, but the chain is expanding so much that it has its departments in airports, universities, casinos, amusement parks, military bases, and other sites. It can suit to any surrounding and location thus have their restaurants which stand alone and not a part of another venue. Survey Details

Entry Limit  Unlimited
Entry Method Phone or Online
Receipt Valid For Two Days
Prize Free Entree with 2 Entree Purchase

How to Take the Survey

1. Panda Express Survey Online

Visit their official survey page To do that, you must have a device, which is well connected to stable internet.

2. Panda Express Survey through the Phone

You can not only fill in the panda express survey on the Internet, you can also give Panda Express Feedback by phone.
Follow these guidelines:
1. Call 1-888-51-panda (72632).
2. Once you make a call, you will be asked to verify your access by providing information in the receipt.
3. Then you will get the investigation question. Give your feedback by answering the questions you receive.
4. When the survey is completed, you will receive the panda express coupon code.
5. Write it down on the receipt so that it can be exchanged at the next visit.

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Meals at the Panda Express

Panda Express Feedback

Panda Express Feedback

A regular meal from Panda Express would be orange chicken, Kung Pao chicken, Chow Mein with Steamed Vegetables. The chain delivers a lot of Chinese cuisine inspired dishes such as Beijing Beef, Orange Chicken, Firecracker Chicken Breast, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken).

You can get combo meals where you can take any protein such as the beef or chicken items with steamed vegetable, rice or Chow Mein. There is no MSG added to any of the food at Panda Express after it has been brought to the restaurant, nor do they purchase from any dealers who put MSG before the delivery.

The Secret to the Sweet Taste and the Finger licking Dishes at The Panda Express

Panda Express Feedback-1

Panda Express Feedback

The Panda Express FoodTheir Ingredients.

Panda Express offers three services in one plate. They provide Quality, Quantity and charge affordable prices. You will try a lot of Chinese restaurants in North America but if you judge all of their food taste, Panda Express will win.

Chinese people may not like it but the Americans love it because they deliver large amounts and the price is low compared to other places for meals. The atmosphere is welcoming and the customer service is excellent. Since they are all over the North America, it is not going to be difficult for someone to find one near them and go there.

The Panda Express Menu- Wide Range of Choices for You to Choose From.

From their menu, you can try the deep-fried orange chicken, crispy Rangoon and the chow Mein. It is surprising that the Americans like the friend rice Panda Express make while the Chinese people may complain that it tastes like plain rice.

If you are into beef and want something healthy pick the broccoli beef. The broccoli is flawlessly steamed and assorted with strips of beef cooked in a ginger soy sauce. You will not get a lot of options to have as sides but you can always choose whether you want chow Mein or rice.

You can have the crab Rangoon with them. But what I love the most is the appetizers; I love to indulge in the crab Rangoon. The taste differs from person to person and you can choose your favorite kind of protein. They have shrimp, chicken and beef.

What About The Panda Express Service?

Just like it is mentioned before, it is outstanding compared to many places. They are also welcoming that they welcome each and every guest. They like to treat the customers like royalty. Many other places do not offer this but they are so agreeable that they allow the guests to try out food before they order something.

It can happen that you are new to Panda Express or you are not sure about what to eat. Before you spend your money, they would let you taste. The sad part is that many people are taking advantage of this by tasting all the dishes or some of them and ordering any. That is the reason why many restaurants do not have this feature.

What Price Do Panda Express Charge For Their Product.

It can all be summed up in one phrase- Panda Express charge affordable prices for their products. If you are in a budget but want a place to fill your tummy, this is the right one. You get quantity as well as quality in one package. With less than 10 dollars you can get so much that you will want to save it for the next day.

For example, you can get a side and three entrées for only eight dollars. The restaurant has to deal with a lot of press trouble for example even though they do not add any MSG, there are sayings that they do. These are the entrees they serve:

Entrees Served By the Panda Express –At Affordable prices.

Orange Chicken , Samurai Surf & Turf (Beef and Shrimp), Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Beijing Beef, Sweet fire Chicken Breast, Peppercorn Shrimp, Shanghai Angus Steak, Broccoli Beef, Honey Walnut Shrimp, String Bean Chicken Breast, Mandarin Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken and Black Pepper Chicken.

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Choose Panda Express over other Restaurants.

They are Fast &Affordable

As you can see that they are fast and affordable. It is the reason many people choose them over other restaurants. Who does not like a meal at such low prices? If you have not tried their orange chicken yet, you can do that the next time you go there.

Every year, they sell 70 million pounds of those. People love it because it is tangy and sweet at the same time. It begins with breaded, frozen pieces of boneless chicken nuggets that are cooked before being put into the orange sauce.

Panda Express Customer Service is Welcoming

The customers love the place because they are warm and welcoming. The people who go there do not complain about the staff or management behavior. They are known for being friendly and pleasant.

Restaurant ambience is much more significant than service. A fruitful restaurant will be contingent on a number of features, including the restaurant ambience. Success rests on the quality of food, type of cuisine, workers and staffs and the price. Many other owners overlook the significance of the ambience and only focus on food.

Panda Express Provides Good Atmosphere for diverse Clients

At Panda Express the owners who are husband and wife, gives importance to the ambience and that is why they have been so successful. Their establishment has gained success and popularity because of their service and food. Along with the affordable price tags, they are loved by many people. They do not only focus on quality of food but on the ambience as when many people were asked, they said they look for proper atmosphere when they go somewhere. Then again, many places with proper atmosphere costs a lot and Panda Express makes a difference by taking less than ten dollars!

123 thoughts on “ Survey to Win Panda Express Coupons

  1. Aleena Husain

    Great food. Always enjoy getting a panda bowl, especially with the orange chicken or sweet fire chicken and the fried rice. The egg rolls are delicious too! Thank you for always providing your customers with great food.

  2. brigitte

    I’ve eaten at Panda Express a few times and I like most of the food items.
    My question is : why does Panda Express use plastic and styrofoam to serve food? Plastic and styrofoam pollutes our planet/oceans and most of it can’t be recycled.
    Please consider using a more environmentally friendly material.
    Thank you,

  3. Brenda Stone

    My experience at Panda Express store #1032 in Torrance Ca. was great! from the moment my husband and I walked in Lesley was very helpful and professional she was very pleasant and made sure our order was perfect. She also recognized that I was looking for the restroom and made sure I was able to locate it. While waiting for my husband to return to the table she came and cleared our table and ask to refill my drink. I have not had this kind of services in years. Thank you LESLEY for bring back kindness and customer services.

  4. Brianne brown

    They forgot our Teriyaki sauce. Also shorted us an egg roll. We ordered the family meal. Through door dash. This isnt the first time we had a bad experience here. Last time before this they forgot our third side of the 3 entree 2 sides.

  5. Rajha

    I went to the location on McDowell Road & the staff were extremely friendly & helpful, it was a very nice experience!

  6. Hassan James

    My experience on my visit to Panda Express was very delightful and I appreciate the kindness that the employees showed us thanks a lot!

  7. Lori Halstead

    Got the order wrong and took a really long time to get food. Then had to fix order it took about 20 min

  8. Susan Bloomfield

    The best food by far and at a reasonable price. Delicious food and so easy and quick to stop in and pickup something hot to take home. We always order enough to have another meal, so it helps us seniors stretch our small incomes.


    I chose honey 2wallnut shrimp and 1 teriyaki chicken for a bigger plate. Shrimp was just savory and very tasty. However, chicken was a bit cooked so I had hard edges and it’s also quite tough. Largely, Im very satisfied.

  10. Larry McGrail

    Go to panda 1-2 times a week . Love the menu & freshness. Request bringing back Thai chicken , firecracker chicken & the shrimp that was removed last week . All very missed . My favorite still is Kung pao chicken . Thank you cordially, Larry McGrail

  11. Daisy pena

    Great Costumer service we always come here Seens I was Pregnant frm my child and great costumer service their this one Employee she very HELPFUL and Friendly

  12. Carlos Monserrate

    I appreciate the training that Panda Express has given its employees on customer relations. It makes such a difference in wanting to come back for more! Smiles can always be freely given!!

  13. Alan

    Panda express feedback is very hard to follow thru all the b.s.I don’t care about a free item.This was my first time and last using drive upI order plate with 2 sides.The service I got was a bowl with one item mix and order shorted Beijing beef.I also order a crab ragoon.Drive up give me 2 xtra crab ragoon in plate box.Food was not hot,luke warm.I have eat in at fountain city location before and service and food better.Not very happy !!


    My wife came home with Panda Express and asked if I was hungry. “Yes,” I said as she handed me a beef and broccoli. I opened it up and my first thought was, “Where’s the beef?” My dinner came with 4 small bite size pieces of beef. Then I thought, “If she paid more than $3 for this dinner I will really be disappointed. I looked at the receipt, “$7.60, are you kidding me?” If you are out of beef, tell us, we will order something else.

  15. Unsatisfied customers

    Complete garbage! Food was not fresh, service was horrible. The server was rude and pushy. Asking me to hurry up and tell her my order. I’m not satisfied because the food was dry, tasted as if it was sitting for hours and the chicken tasted like hot dogs? What the heck? The portion size was smaller than ever before so it is not even worth eating there anymore. Portions are smaller, prices are higher and food does not taste fresh. What kind of business is this… the rip off business. If you’re hungry go elsewhere.

  16. CPT N

    Great Experience today at Panda Express in Terre Haute, IN. Taylor K provided excellent customer service- which is uncommon in Terre Haute.

  17. Jeremy

    I was mad there was no white rice I you run out of food but when u see it’s low start making more but I love it they do need to clean some more the floor and table weren’t the best but I will always go

  18. Carolyn

    The franchise should put outside signs on entry doors , “No GF products available”.

    Husband has Celiac requiring NO Glutin it was sad, all he could do was sit and look at the décor.

  19. Tab L. Uno

    One of, if not the most, difficult customer surveys to complete. I never found the right survey website to fill out. Just get a site explains why and what of the survey. Really frustrating and put out by your feedback receipt. What a waste of time.

  20. vee

    on 11/7/19 at 6:6 pm i was there at fourt union midvale and ordered a food but the were in hurry to much and didnt pay attention about my food and also the almost missed my order which i ordered 2 to go,no smille at all and poor bad customer service people at the front counter,i was going to pay and server was oscar and also cashier,he was not happy at all he needs to smille better and respect customer better, i was like wow really not even say tx to me that i spent money there and also not enough food in my plate when i get home

  21. Jean

    I was pleased with our meal –one platter and one bowl–with the exception of the price of the soft drinks. It is ridiculous to pay $1.90 for a diet coke when I can purchase 32 oz. at a fast food restaurant. Your feedback for a free entrée item is horrible. I could not navigate your website which was difficult for a senior citizen and when I called Panda I was never given a redemption code so now I will not get a free entrée. Very time consuming so don’t know if I will be back.

  22. Carol Brown

    Service last night at #1929 was horrible. Sat in line for 20 minutes – during that time, 5 vehicles pulled out of line and left and only 2 ahead of me were served. When I finally made to the order spot at 6:05 pm on a Friday evening, after a length of time was told they were out of sweet and sour chicken for the rest of the night. Offered a substitute (Honey Sesame Chicken) which gave me heartburn for the rest of the night. At that point, I then had to pull ahead and sit and wait another 10 minutes for my food to be brought out. Waiting a half hour for a ‘fast food’ order is totally ridiculous. And in trying to use the ‘feedback survey’ and receive a ‘free entrée item’, it has spun me around in so many circles I am dizzy. As you can tell, I an totally unhappy with this Panda Express visit. Panda Express #1929, order # 460161

  23. Joe blanchard

    thanks for the chance to enter, to bad the page never shows up. great place though. the crew at 1545 are really nice.

  24. Carlos Monserrate

    Staff at #2029 are nice and hardworking, but we ordered chow mein and had to wait for a fresh supply to be made. Then I saw the staff put the old chow mein on top of the fresh supply. That made no sense — we could have had the old one served and not wait for them to do that.

  25. Barbara J. David

    I live in New Haven. So driving way out on Lima Road to go to Panda Express is quite a drive.
    Especially when my order is not right. I was there last Sunday & today. Last week I ordered:
    2) beef & broccoli meals / 2 egg rolls / & maybe a lg. drink (I can’t remember for sure).. When I
    got home I only had 1 beef & broccoli meal…
    Today I ordered 2 lg. beef & broccoli meals w/ fried rice / 4 egg rolls / 1 lg. diet coke.. I looked in
    my bag before driving away & saw these 2 tiny containers. I asked what was inside & was told my
    beef & broccoli. I said that I ordered 2 lg. She said, ‘Well, your receipt says small’.. I DON’T CARE WHAT MY RECEIPT SAID. I ORDERED LARGE… She didn’t give a crap & didn’t offer to correct my order. I said I WILL NOT BE BACK. YOUR DRIVE UP S U C K S….

  26. Ismael Cervantes

    I went to the union hills and cave creek location and they we amazing. I got attended by Cristal and Frank, they were the best. They had great customer service and the food looked nice and fresh. I will most definitely come back again.

  27. gigi

    one of the cashiers had poor customer service when i asked for my discount since i work at home depot. your food is good though 🙂

  28. Barry Bramblett

    Store #2627 has good food, but for almost a month they have had no ice. It’s July. Fix your ice machine.

  29. Sara R.

    I live in Rome, Georgia. The food was great but the service was TERRIBLE! I ordered three large cokes and when I pulled up to the window they told me that there wasn’t any coke and asked if I wanted a refund. After I told them I wanted a refund, they explained that there WAS coke. After getting my three cokes, I saw that one of them was tea. I told the server and she argued with me and told me that it was coke. After thinking about it, I decided to try it. It was indeed tea. Plus, at the bottom of my bag, there were broke fortune cookies and it was just a mess. The servers were overall rude. The store number is #3335

  30. Exo

    A girl name Nikkita does a fantastic job handling food and serving it, very straight forward, she knows what she’s doing good communication. Overall she’s a great worker

  31. Sandra estes

    Maui Panda Express has very fresh, delicious entrees; employees are very friendly and appear to greatly enjoy working at this beautiful restaurant!

  32. April Yeager

    Visited orlando , fl. store #1796.
    We brought company with us and raved about the food how good it was when we got there the doors were locked no signs in the window that said drive-through only no one would come to the door though they were all in there obviously they were busy but somebody should’ve come out and told us that you know drive-through only the woman who seem to be the manager an older Asian woman very rude and the whole experience was disappointing. It’s really too bad because the food is exceptional will not visit that store again!!!

  33. Andrew Cherng

    Food was burnt, cold rice and crushed fortune cookies.
    Survey and feedback are a joke. Survey number is no longer working and the website is filled with advertising and click bait.

  34. Phoenix McGuire

    Ordered a two time entree of beef and broccoli, orange chicken and chow mein. When I got home and opened the box I saw no orange chicken. Paid for it though. Too far out of my way to drive back to the location to address this issue. Not happy with my service.

  35. ron

    ordered take out broccoli beef at store number 2195 Tulsa Hills. Got home and my wife and both counted 4 small pieces of beef in our bowls. Couldn’t tell the taste of it there wasn’t enough there. order #42289

  36. kim

    Are we not able to do the feedback anymore to get a free item? I went on the internet and got this page which is extremely confusing. If this is no longer available then you should not misguided us. Wasting our time.

  37. kyle h Kamikawa

    I bought my lunch today at the KMCAS, Hawaii Panda express and didn’t received my receipt and my order was wrong. 15 Sept 2021 around 11:30 AM.

  38. Wayne

    We have been visiting the new location in Mount Dora, FL since it opened a month ago. .we have always been happy with the food and service untill this past Monday night. We received coupons in the mail and when it came time to check out, the associate said he needed a manager to enter a number in order to process the coupon. Well it seems that both the manager and assistant manager both left the building and there was no one there to help this nice associate process the coupon. He was getting frustrated and started to ask the other employees who all said the managers left and they had no one there to do it. We suggested they call or text their manager and find out how they’re supposed to process this without him or her in the building? one of the associates picked up her phone and contacted the manager and at one point she had to tell her manager to calm down. Finally they were able to process the coupon after us standing there for quite a while. I am just happy that they did not have the lines that they normally do on that evening., but the folks behind us did have to wait. The manager should know better to either not leave the building or to educate their associate what to do in a situation like this. It was not fair to the associates to be put on a spot like that and not know what to do.

  39. KB

    Please start using measuring utensils. Portion size is inconsistent. Today ordered 2 plates and the total amount of lo mein on two plates together was smaller than the size of their smallest to go box. Food taste great.

  40. Cindy

    I wanted to do your survey but you want my credit card!!!! I don’t see why this is necessary!!!! If I was ordering I could see why but not to leave feedback. This is totally unnecessary I would prefer going back to doing the feedback on the phone (as it is posted on the back of your receipts.

  41. Lana

    I sometimes get my grandson to come in and order my food because by me being a small person I am not giving the same amount as him that’s unfairI .

  42. Crisalyn R.

    The food is delicious and their servings are just perfect. The worker named Marria is very cheerful and diligent.

  43. Mary Lock

    I was at location #3284 Lakewood, CA on January 28 at 7:50pm with my husband. Ordered two combos. We get to the register to pay and along comes a little roach walking across the counter. I addressed it to the cashier which said eww then told who I assume is the manager and all he said was “oh… and took a wet cloth and wiped/killed it. I didn’t get an apology or any kind of sincere reaction to the unsatisfactory conditions.

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  45. Janice M

    Why no more peanuts in the kung pao chicken. I had it several days ago, and again last night. No peanuts either time. Disappointing. I see no other place to leave feedback on this site, so here it is.

    The serving I had several days ago was part of a two entree plate with steamed brown rice. I expected it to be tender and steamy, at least that has been my previous experiences with it. This time it was dry/chewy/crunchy — not at all what I expected. Very dissapointing.


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