Panda Express Mushroom Chicken: A Healthy Option

The Mushroom Chicken from Panda Express is a healthy choice. It is recommended by Panda Express themselves that it is Wok Smart. Moreover, if you ask health experts about what to eat in Panda Express, they will not suggest the typical Orange Chicken but the Mushroom Chicken. It has only 170 calories, something rare you find in Panda Express items. All of them are above 200 calories while another can be as high as 470 calories. The famous Orange Chicken has 380 calories with 19g of sugar. This one has the same protein content as Orange Chicken but without the calories and sugar. It will be fair to call it a healthy dish.

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Furthermore, the mushroom content makes it more appealing dish.If you have this you can save yourself from raised cholesterol levels, diabetes and prostate disease. It additionally helps in staying fit, and expands the superiority of your body’s resistant outline. They ensure you against illnesses and contaminations, as it is full proteins, amino acids, vitamins, anti-infection mediators, minerals, and cell reinforcements.

Mushroom Chicken

Panda Express Mushroom Chicken

They fluctuate extremely in their properties, shading, surface, and shape.

Brings down Cholesterol

While many dishes at Panda Express are full of cholesterol, you might not be able to have them. It can be that you are trying to stay fit or the doctor recommended that you have foods with less cholesterol. Mushrooms give you lean proteins as they contain no fat or cholesterol and are low carbs. Thus, it prevents you from having stroke, heart attack and other diseases.

Treats Anemia

Patients with this condition are described by less stages blood’s iron quantity than normal, transporting about weakness, migraines, decreased neural capacity, and stomach related problems. Mushroom chicken from Panda Express is a decent way to keep the body’s blood cells sound. If you ever feel tired during work, when it is time for lunch, come to Panda Express and have this. It can be that you are a fan of Orange Chicken and you never imagine ordering Mushroom Chicken. Try this, it will work. Plus, a visit to the nearest Panda Express is better the doctor’s office. Also, it is tastier than medicines and many other dishes you eat at other places. If you are thinking of having a burger, forget that idea. It will just fill your stomach but not provide you the boost you need in your workplace.

Avoid Cancer

Women can benefit from this as it keeps breast cancer away. It has anti-cancer agents that stop the cancerous cells from developing. If you do not know how to get mushrooms in your diet besides the toppings of a pizza, Panda Express can help.

Keep Away Diabetes

As mentioned before, it does not have anything harmful in it, it also keeps diabetes away. It is a nice choice for those who are diabetic patients. It is really useful for their diet as it has lots of protein, fiber and water. Mushroom can act a protector from diabetes. If anyone in your family has this condition or you are scared that you may be a victim of it, have more mushroom in your diet.

Mushroom Chicken

Panda Express Mushroom Chicken

If you are trying to lose weight, it is obvious you are going to eat something. It is not like you will go on exercising and not have any sort of food. It is not possible. Eating healthy is also a part of losing weight. Do not get upset if you think you have to cut Panda Express of the list if you are on a diet.  You can always have the Mushroom Chicken. As a matter of fact, those who are trying to shape up their stomach or lose extra pounds, have this with veggies to make a decent meal. You will have food cravings whether you are not a diet or not. If you have something full of calories, you will later regret thinking why did you even have that.

Mushroom Chicken looks more than moderately good. You do not need to make it at home because they have it for you. If you are making at home or using the frozen ones there is a chance you ruin the sauce or the mushroom does not taste good. You cannot trust frozen Chinese food always. They will take your money, you have to work on your stove and then to find that the food does not taste as good as takeout.

I love the taste of Mushroom Chicken. Panda Express can never go wrong with any of their chicken dishes. Before I discovered this dish, I was lost. I had no way to get mushroom in my diet. I use to have cream of mushroom soup but that was not enough. I also stopped liking it after having it every day. I also never liked zucchini. In fact, I did not know how to cook it for meals. My family used to complain that why can’t I cook zucchini. Then, I discovered this and when we all are in the mood for this vegetable, we all have the mushroom chicken. Since we can take two entrees, each one of us have our own choices. For example, since other members of my family are not on a diet, they take Orange Chicken or Beijing Beef. I like the Broccoli Beef with Mushroom Chicken. The portions are large and the mushroom and zucchini helps you stay full for a long time.

I love the ginger soy sauce they make. I tried once at home using ginger, oil, garlic, soy sauce and sugar. It was sort of like Panda Express but not completely.

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