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There are individuals who are in love with Chinese food, particularly Panda Express. The fact that worries them is what if they gain weight or lose their body shape after indulging in the delicious Chinese food. That is why we have accumulated the names of the items from their menu along with the calories so you know how much you have to burn later on through exercising. Also, it is useful because you can tell which one is more important for you. It can be that you are craving for Beijing Beef but when you spot the calories, you will want something much healthier such as the Broccoli Beef. At the end, you will find the names of the healthy choices and also why they are considered as that.

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Asian Chicken has 340 calories

Black Pepper Chicken has 200 calories

Firecracker Chicken Breast has 220 calories

Grilled Asian Chicken has 300 calories

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken 250 calories

Kung Pao Chicken 240 calories

Mushroom Chicken 180 calories

Orange Chicken has 420 calories

Potato Chicken has 190 calories

String Bean Chicken Breast 160 calories

Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast 380 calories

SweetFire Chicken Breast 440 calories

Teriyaki Chicken 340 calories

Panda Express Nutrition

Panda Express Nutrition


Beijing Beef has 690 calories

Broccoli Beef has 120 calories

Shanghai Angus Steak has 220 calories


Steamed Ginger Fish has 200 calories


Chow Fun has 410 calories

Chow Mein has 490 calories

Fried Rice has 530 calories

Mixed Veggies (Side) has 70 calories

Steamed Brown Rice has 420 calories

Steamed White Rice has 380 calories


Crispy Shrimp has 260 calories

Golden Treasure Shrimp has 390 calories

Honey Walnut Shrimp has 370 calories


Country Style Bean Curd has 191 calories

Eggplant & Tofu has 310 calories

Hot Szechuan Tofu has 140 calories

Mixed Veggies (Entree) has 35 calories


Chicken Egg Roll has 200 calories

Chicken Potsticker has 220 calories

Cream Cheese Rangoon has 190 calories

Hot & Sour Soup has 100 calories

Veggie Spring Roll has 160 calories


Kids Asian Chicken has 200 calories

Kids Beijing Beef 520 calories

Kids Black Pepper Chicken has 140 calories

Kids Broccoli Beef has 100 calories

Kids Brown Steamed Rice 310 calories

Kids Chow Mein has 280 calories

Kids Crispy Shrimp has 170 calories

Kids Eggplant Tofu has 250 calories

Kids Firecracker Chicken Breast has 170 calories

Kids Fried Rice has 350 calories

Kids Golden Treasure Shrimp 230 calories

Kids Grilled Asian Chicken has 180 calories

Kids Grilled Teriyaki Chicken has 180 calories

Kids Honey Walnut Shrimp has 200 calories

Kids Kung Pao Chicken has 190 calories

Kids Mixed Veggies (Entree) has 35 calories

Kids Mixed Veggies (Side) has 70 calories

Kids Mushroom Chicken has 130 calories

Kids Orange Chicken has 290 calories

Kids Potato Chicken has 150 calories

Kids Shanghai Angus Steak has 170 calories

Kids String Bean Chicken Breast has 120 calories

Kids Sweet & Sour Chicken Breast has 290 calories

Kids Sweet Fire Chicken Breast has 330 calories

Kids Teriyaki Chicken has 200 calories

Kids White Steamed Rice has 240 calories


Chili Sauce

Fortune Cookies

Hot Mustard

Plum Sauce

Pot sticker Sauce

Soy Sauce

Sweet & Sour Sauce

Teriyaki Sauce

The healthy choices are from the chicken section is Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Mushroom Chicken and String Bean Chicken Breast. In the String Bean, most of the calories come from protein which means it is an excellent option for lunch or dinner. Grilled Teriyaki Chicken also has almost 50% of it to be protein. If your favorite meat is beef, you will have several choices but go with the Broccoli Beef. There were lots of memes and data on the internet going on saying how broccoli and has more protein than beef. While that might not be true or it is misleading, you can be sure that it is a healthy dish. The Beijing Beef has so much calories that cutting them off would be hard. If you search lists of healthy Chinese dishes or ask experts about it, they would recommend the Broccoli Beef.

There are choices for shrimp, but I would not recommend any unless you love shrimps because for many reasons. They do not fall into the healthy category is a prime cause. They come with a lot of cholesterol which is not good for the heart. People have this wrong idea that if they have shrimp, they are going to get protein. It is not true because the shrimp dishes here have very less protein compare to fat. The amount of carbohydrates and fat is more compared to protein. Crispy Shrimp has 46% fat and 40% carbs, Golden Treasure Shrimp has 44% fat and 40% carbohydrates and Honey Walnut Shrimp has 370 calories where fat makes more than 50%.

Steamed White Rice has 0% fat, so you can go for that and 92% of it is carbohydrates. Steamed Brown Rice has a lot more calories than the first one as you have seen above and 83% is carbohydrates. Chow Mein and Fried Rice has so much calories it will fill your tummy. Though they taste better than white rice or brown rice so people end up buying the Chow Mein or Fried Rice. Another zero-fat dish would be the entrée mixed veggies. It is incredible because you get protein and carbohydrates without any fat. If you are a vegetarian, you can have this. There is nothing wrong going with the Hot and Sour Soup that has only 100 calories and a nice amount of protein. It also helps if you are dealing with fever or cold. There is no direct link but hot and sour soup can stop the root of inflammation which is linked to cold. That means, you do not have to take medications on the first day. The natural way can help you if you grab a bowl of Panda Express Hot and Sour soup. From the beverage section, you would probably choose Pepsi or Diet Pepsi but China Mist Iced Tea is the best one.

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