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Panda Express Feedback Survey (2018) – Win a Free Firecracker Chicken Breast

Why do the Panda Express Feedback Survey? The essential objective of a business is to draw in new clients and ensure that the current customers are satisfied. In that way, regardless of whether clients were happy with the administration or item is a standout amongst the most vital measurements in assessing the accomplishment of the business. Along these lines, Panda Express benefit enterprises, for example, eateries and fast food, can intensely put into endeavors that gage and enhance consumer loyalty.

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Panda Express feedback survey is one such case taking customer’s comments in order to improve the business. Panda Express stores that serves different areas of the United States- the customer needs are taken into much consideration. It also has stores in Korea, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and United Arab Emirates. To discover the closest Panda Express areas, visit their website and the link is provided above.

Geographical Location Of Panda Express in USA

panda express feedback survey

panda express feedback survey

In the US, it is the biggest Chinese fast-food chain. Panda express is normally found in strip malls, yet as of late it started regular walk-in stores, and additionally stores in airports, colleges and military base.

The eatery serves high caliber yet easygoing cooking with mark dishes on Panda Express menu, for example, orange chicken, Chow Mein and brown rice. If that you are ponder about the nutrition at panda express, you can find that out from their website.

Why Should You Conduct Panda Express Survey

Regularly, you arrange a fast-food supper by picking a side of rice or noodles, and after that one, two, or three entrée things that are meats or vegetables. Panda Express additionally offers party plate and providing food. Keeping in mind the end goal to ensure their clients are upbeat,

Panda Express survey offers a progressing consumer loyalty survey program. The survey program utilizes this panda express survey to ensure that the administration is reliably great at all of the stores, and to ensure that their dishes are delicious.

With a specific end goal to empower cooperation and reward their reliable clients, when you finish the panda express feedback survey, you will be given a code that will qualify you for a free entrée whenever you visit again. This implies whenever you visit, you must have carried that receipt with you, you can get a major plate of one side and three entrées while paying at the cost of two courses.

In this way, finishing the panda express feedback survey is a decent arrangement when you are probably going to visit a Panda Express again in the near future.

Instructions to Finish Panda Express Feedback Survey for

Since the panda express feedback survey gets some information about your current involvement with the restaurant whether you went for the drive thru or dine-in, you will require a current legitimate receipt from your visit.

If you have visited the place recently, you may have effectively seen that the base of each receipt expresses that you can get a free entrée for finishing a Panda Express feedback survey with your receipt.

Along these lines, it is dependably a smart thought to keep your receipt when you visit a Panda Express. Regardless of the possibility that you will not returned to a Panda Express, you can finish the survey to help enhance the administration and nourishment that Panda Express menu gives.

What to do After Completing Panda Express Survey Program?

After you complete the panda express feedback survey and record the code, you could likewise give the receipt to a companion that may go later on with the goal that they can get an entree without any cost.

With a specific end goal to finish the panda express feedback survey, you will require a substantial receipt from your visit to Panda Express. You will likewise require a proper receipt to compose the panda express promo code toward the end to utilize your receipt to recover a free entrée. If you lose the receipt, you cannot get the free dish.

Panda Express Survey Program Further Explained in Bits

panda express feedback food survey

panda express feedback food survey

Here is how you can take the survey at the effectively to have the capacity to reclaim a free entrée

Visit the Panda Express Site on Your PC or Mobile Device

When you have your receipt prepared, visit on your PC or laptop, whatever you use to get online. When you land at the Panda Express survey site, enter the store number on your receipt. It is situated on the exceptionally top of the receipt, over the words “PANDA EXPRESS”

Landing on the Panda Express Accompanying Page

After the first stage, Press “Next”, the online survey will affirm the Panda Express areas, and ensure it is right so that your remarks can be tended to accurately. You will land on the accompanying page will get some information about your panda express number for the request. In the first place, you should discover your request number, which is directly under the date of the receipt close to the upper left. The page will likewise approach you for the date and time of your visit, and whether it was an eat in or takeout request.

Answering the Panda Express Survey Questions Online

If you overlooked a few points of interest, you can discover those on your receipt. For example, the date is close to the upper left and the time is close to the upper right of your receipt. After this page, you will be gotten some information about your fulfillment, and the inquiries may contrast contingent upon your reaction. Now, just answer truly, regardless of whether you were totally fulfilled or not. The survey may request that you give any remarks, about particular parts of their introduction and administration, etc.

Getting the Panda Express Coupon Code with the Online Survey

The following inquiries may get some information about your attributes, propensities, and inclinations. You might be asked how regularly you visit Panda Express, regardless of whether you are a male or female, age and so on.

The total of the Panda Express survey ought to take under 15 minutes to finish. When you finish the Panda Express feedback survey, the site will give you a panda express coupon code. Note this code on the back of your receipt in the red box. The staff at Panda Express will utilize this panda express code to offer you a free item as entree.


Panda Express Feedback Survey Site:

Panda Express Free Entree Survey (2018) Win Free Food

When you want to take the Panda Express survey online you have to use the number that is on the receipt. For example, 1933, 1722 etc. Based on the number, they will ask you about the location. It means that the Panda Express free entree survey has strict rules about people making up codes just to get free food. Previously, people use to get free entree like this and now the system has much more developed itself to ensure that there is no cheating. There are numerous locations of Panda Express and it could be that you were in the Houston, Texas one that is in Eldridge Parkway.

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If your location is correct, then continue with the survey. Take a look at the receipt, above the items you ordered, you will see an order number such as 123456. Type that and click next.

Security Fixes With the Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Panda Express Free Entree Survey

To make the test much more authentic and honest and keep scammers away, they will ask about the time. Previously, when they did not ask about the time, they did not have any record to match to find out if they were serving food to scammers or not.

Every restaurant has a copy of the time when a customer has placed their order. The same goes here. You will get four options: before 2 PM, between 2 PM to 5 PM, between 5 PM to 9PM and after 9 PM. They will also want to know about the trays at the steam table. You should try to remember whether they were almost filled or totally full and there is no need to worry if you cannot recall.

Describe Your Experience With Different Panda Express Services

There is an option for that as well. Since Panda Express does not have their delivery system and you have to use third-party food delivery services, you cannot have that as an option for type of order. They have dine-in, take out and drive thru.

No matter what kind of order it was, you have to select an option that describes your experience. If you are too much happy like most customers are, pick “highly satisfied” and if they did not something that made you upset, you can always go with “dissatisfied”. No matter what you picked, you have to describe it in the box. That is a brilliant way to let the authority know what they are doing right and things they should avoid.

Submitting Honest Description-a Sample Analogy

For instance, you were at the drive thru and you pick your food. You are happy with the staff’s behavior but you did not like the quality of the food. It was either overcooked or burnt. In that case, when you describe in the box what made you dissatisfied, they will be focusing on that issue of that location. It is one of the ways Panda Express still maintains a reputation for having a huge customer base and running the chain globally.

If they did not care about what the guests, customers and the regulars think, they would not be America’s one of the most likeable Chinese restaurant. The authority can find out whether the staff was polite with you or not. The Panda Express Free Entree Survey asks questions like if the workers greeted you, did they offer you any sample and a beverage.

The owners know the importance of customer service for achievement and success. They offer beverage to everyone and they also greet you when you will arrive. If they did not, there is something sure you can complain about in the survey!

Describing Your Visit to the Restaurant- Using Section on Free Survey

Now, it is time to rate the main part of the survey that will describe your visit at the restaurant. Start with the amount of food. Some people say that they put so much food that it is enough for two meals. While some folks say that Panda Express used to deliver a huge quantity before and now they have decreased the quantity.

Describing the Food Temperature- if You Loved the Same or You Didn’t

The temperature of the food is also significant. You do not want cold Chinese food obviously. If you are not happy with the temperature, you can put that data there on the Panda Express free entrée survey. The most important factor of any dish is the freshness. Despite the taste, if a dish is fresh and prepared with high-quality ingredients that can be a win-win. Also, place the info whether you were happy with the variety available there. Finally, do not forget the taste.

Describing Your Food Taste

Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Panda Express Free Entree Survey

If you are a regular of Panda Express, you should love the taste. Although some regulars also say from time to time, they did not like the taste of some food and such. As mentioned above, you have to rate the quality of ingredients. Most of the time, customers are satisfied with the temperature, freshness and the ingredients.

If you were at the drive thru, do not think the staff has a chance to misbehave. You can put the information here if they did. If you are here to dine in or take your food home, do not forget to mention how clean or dirty the place was. That is important because there are so many Panda Express restaurants in so many locations that the authority needs to know if all the locations are maintaining cleanliness or not.  You should know whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the friendliness of the staffs, speed at which they served you and how you liked your visit.

Describe Whether You Will Return to the Enterprise or Not

Now that you have covered almost all of the part of the Panda Express Free Entrée survey, you have to mention whether you are going to return or not. You also have to put the answer to whether you are going to recommend to your friends and family.

You also have to put if there was a problem in your visit. The next step will show a box where you can elaborate your problem. It is truly wonderful how Panda Express tries to keep each of their customers happy. Then, answer some questions about yourself such as how many times you visit in a month, your age and gender. After you finish the survey, they will provide a code which will let you have the free entree.


Panda Express Survey (2018) – Win a Free Panda Express Coupon

Panda Express survey can measure customer satisfaction by taking into account customer fulfillment or disappointment rates. It can maintain a fruitful business for Panda Express. Panda Express survey goal is to source ways that will enable them appreciate, acclaim and provide feedback to their customers in order to satisfy the customer’s needs. This will lead to setting of excellent prices that will lead to more business and referrals. But how to make Panda Express survey online?

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What Does the Panda Survey Mean to Entrepreneurs?

Panda Express Survey

Panda Express Survey

Entrepreneurs get a chance to connect with their customers and truly become acquainted with Panda Express Survey for its clients. They will be able to learn various business strategies that can be enumerated in their business.

As fulfilled customers will guarantee good business, entrepreneurs will have the capacity to gauge their customer fulfillment rates. This will enable them to genuinely see how well they will apply customer feedback on their services as well as the customer reviews.

Essential Pieces of Information That Can Be Enacted From Panda Express Survey?

Getting Genuine Description About Their Products

To begin with, it is not often that entrepreneur-Panda Express- organize genuine discussion with their customers. But due to the fact that the most important piece of any customer review is the description. Panda Express survey offers an avenue for customers to describe the kind of services they offer.

Open Inquiries Is Key to Gauging the Nature of Customer Service

Open-finished inquiries in any review you dispatch will enable the customer to give you particular, significant criticism. They fixate on the rating the customers give on reviews, however scores alone are to some degree may be insignificant.

There are a lot of different ways to source for open customer inquiries. You can choose use suggestion boxes placed on open source. Customers may submit queries through providing information about problems they face, providing feedback and comment which will provide true customer experience encounter.

Open Inquiry Analogy

For example, someone gives them dissatisfied experience with some of the panda express restaurant. Panda Express can bank on the genuine description and customer inquiries to comprehend the issue behind that.

Customer score and the other data from the Panda Express survey-from genuine description- can be utilized. The restaurant can find out through the Panda Express survey the description of the issue. Also, when they receive highly satisfied, they know the reason.

The Need for a Follow Up Inquiry-from Panda Express

When they see reliably low numbers and negative remarks encompassing a particular territory of their operations, they will have to uncover further and discover why with educated follow-up inquiries. “The rating alone does not give them the understanding they require. It is vital to comprehend why the customers are evaluating them the way they are, so follow-up inquiries can be useful.

Factors That May Limit the Effectiveness of Panda Express Survey

Panda Express Conducting Too Much Inquiries

Notwithstanding, the Panda Express survey abstain from heaping on excessively numerous inquiries that will make the overview overpowering and lessen reaction rates. They target criticism from the customers.

Wrong Survey Structure

The panda Express should structure their survey in a manner that will ensure there is appropriation of strategies. The survey structure should be in a manner that will legitimate responses. With the buzz in the use of technology, there are many ways that the latter can be accomplished.

Panda Express Survey Further Explained

The Panda Express Survey is a very much planned overview framework will enable you to make a customer to benefit driven culture. As a private company going up against bigger organizations, building up a nonstop change model is fundamental.

If the survey was not built effectively, overviews can bring predisposition into the restaurant’s input accumulation, undermining the nature of the data assembled and driving them to make unseemly inferences.

How to Participate In the Panda Express Online Survey?

Most people who order from Panda Express find out their order number from the receipt and take the online survey. As a result, they can share their experience and the authority can look for ways to develop or fix a current issue.

Panda Express already is on top but they never stop to improve. The owners believe that there is always room for improvement. Thus, there is the need to offer much platform and incentives of the public-customers- to participate in their survey

Online Methods Used to Conduct Panda Express Surveys

Panda Express Food Survey

Panda Express Food Survey

The use of Online Studies

Getting genuine data from genuine customers progressively is the most ideal route for them to comprehend the qualities and shortcomings of their organizations, particularly as Panda Express grows more. They depend on constant online studies to get input about customers’ encounters.

They believe that giving the customer simple access to correspondence channels like the online survey is going to be fruitful. In any case, that kind of input is normally determined by particular needs/issues of the customer. Overviews let them control the discussion in headings that the customer might not have generally gone.

The Use of Review/Overview Organization

This comes with a cost and that’s why most entrepreneurs are worried that their business or their financial plan is too little to contract overview organizations that will organize the survey on their behalf.

Likewise, the very fast speed of business is compelling a great deal of surged choices that can prompt huge slip-ups. Research is critical and the latter can be well achieved by good review /survey organization-Delloite.

However depending on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and email overviews, crowdsourcing or utilizing free review locales like Survey Monkey may be sufficient for conducting reviews but they are not enough. We all know the social media sites may be compromised and deliver based judgement

Benefits of the Conduction of Panda Express Survey-to the Panda Express

Helps to Keep Panda Express Administration at Check

The survey enables Panda Express to get moment administration alarms if an issue emerges. The administration and numerous different sorts of self-serve and full-benefit review arrangements can be indispensable to helping business people rapidly manufacture their email records and organizations that address their customers’ issues well.

Boost the Panda Express Call Emergency Services

The most edifying customer criticism –about Panda Express-frequently originates from simply getting the telephone and having direct contact with customers. Panda Express survey has enabled the setting up of arrangements to determine issues uncovered by reviews and dependably reconnect with customers that express disappointment.

Boosts the Quality of Restaurant Service Offered at Panda Express 

Panda Express take each and every customer’s problems seriously- Problems enacted from Panda Express Survey. Suitable infrastructure is put in place to mitigate the problems. For example, one place served cold food through the drive thru. After that, if that customer completes the online survey, the authority will take strict actions that will stop any further problems related to the temperature of the food in that location.

Panda Express Feedback (2018) at

Panda Express is a casual and fast growing restaurant chain which provides American Chinese cuisine. It is the major Asian part restaurant chain in the USA where it was originated and is chiefly located in North America, Asia and other places. Panda Express restaurants were conventionally located in shopping mall as small food courts, but the chain is expanding so much that it has its departments in airports, universities, casinos, amusement parks, military bases, and other sites. It can suit to any surrounding and location thus have their restaurants which stand alone and not a part of another venue.

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Meals at the Panda Express

Panda Express Feedback

Panda Express Feedback

A regular meal from Panda Express would be orange chicken, Kung Pao chicken, Chow Mein with Steamed Vegetables. The chain delivers a lot of Chinese cuisine inspired dishes such as Beijing Beef, Orange Chicken, Firecracker Chicken Breast, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken and Kung Pao Chicken).

You can get combo meals where you can take any protein such as the beef or chicken items with steamed vegetable, rice or Chow Mein. There is no MSG added to any of the food at Panda Express after it has been brought to the restaurant, nor do they purchase from any dealers who put MSG before the delivery.

The Secret to the Sweet Taste and the Finger licking Dishes at The Panda Express

Panda Express Feedback-1

Panda Express Feedback

The Panda Express FoodTheir Ingredients.

Panda Express offers three services in one plate. They provide Quality, Quantity and charge affordable prices. You will try a lot of Chinese restaurants in North America but if you judge all of their food taste, Panda Express will win.

Chinese people may not like it but the Americans love it because they deliver large amounts and the price is low compared to other places for meals. The atmosphere is welcoming and the customer service is excellent. Since they are all over the North America, it is not going to be difficult for someone to find one near them and go there.

The Panda Express Menu- Wide Range of Choices for You to Choose From.

From their menu, you can try the deep-fried orange chicken, crispy Rangoon and the chow Mein. It is surprising that the Americans like the friend rice Panda Express make while the Chinese people may complain that it tastes like plain rice.

If you are into beef and want something healthy pick the broccoli beef. The broccoli is flawlessly steamed and assorted with strips of beef cooked in a ginger soy sauce. You will not get a lot of options to have as sides but you can always choose whether you want chow Mein or rice.

You can have the crab Rangoon with them. But what I love the most is the appetizers; I love to indulge in the crab Rangoon. The taste differs from person to person and you can choose your favorite kind of protein. They have shrimp, chicken and beef.

What About The Panda Express Service?

Just like it is mentioned before, it is outstanding compared to many places. They are also welcoming that they welcome each and every guest. They like to treat the customers like royalty. Many other places do not offer this but they are so agreeable that they allow the guests to try out food before they order something.

It can happen that you are new to Panda Express or you are not sure about what to eat. Before you spend your money, they would let you taste. The sad part is that many people are taking advantage of this by tasting all the dishes or some of them and ordering any. That is the reason why many restaurants do not have this feature.

What Price Do Panda Express Charge For Their Product.

It can all be summed up in one phrase- Panda Express charge affordable prices for their products. If you are in a budget but want a place to fill your tummy, this is the right one. You get quantity as well as quality in one package. With less than 10 dollars you can get so much that you will want to save it for the next day.

For example, you can get a side and three entrées for only eight dollars. The restaurant has to deal with a lot of press trouble for example even though they do not add any MSG, there are sayings that they do. These are the entrees they serve:

Entrees Served By the Panda Express –At Affordable prices.

Orange Chicken , Samurai Surf & Turf (Beef and Shrimp), Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Beijing Beef, Sweet fire Chicken Breast, Peppercorn Shrimp, Shanghai Angus Steak, Broccoli Beef, Honey Walnut Shrimp, String Bean Chicken Breast, Mandarin Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Chicken and Black Pepper Chicken.

Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Choose Panda Express over other Restaurants.

They are Fast &Affordable

As you can see that they are fast and affordable. It is the reason many people choose them over other restaurants. Who does not like a meal at such low prices? If you have not tried their orange chicken yet, you can do that the next time you go there.

Every year, they sell 70 million pounds of those. People love it because it is tangy and sweet at the same time. It begins with breaded, frozen pieces of boneless chicken nuggets that are cooked before being put into the orange sauce.

Panda Express Customer Service is Welcoming

The customers love the place because they are warm and welcoming. The people who go there do not complain about the staff or management behavior. They are known for being friendly and pleasant.

Restaurant ambience is much more significant than service. A fruitful restaurant will be contingent on a number of features, including the restaurant ambience. Success rests on the quality of food, type of cuisine, workers and staffs and the price. Many other owners overlook the significance of the ambience and only focus on food.

Panda Express Provides Good Atmosphere for diverse Clients

At Panda Express the owners who are husband and wife, gives importance to the ambience and that is why they have been so successful. Their establishment has gained success and popularity because of their service and food. Along with the affordable price tags, they are loved by many people. They do not only focus on quality of food but on the ambience as when many people were asked, they said they look for proper atmosphere when they go somewhere. Then again, many places with proper atmosphere costs a lot and Panda Express makes a difference by taking less than ten dollars!

Panda Express Drive Thru Reviews of Various Locations (2018)

In this article, you will find out about different locations of Panda Express and their drive thru. If you know beforehand how they serve, you will not have to suffer later on. It will be helpful in deciding where to eat and not to eat. There are many branches of Panda Express all over the USA and nobody ever complains about the dine-in services. Is it the same for the Panda Express drive thru? Let us find out.

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Panda Express Feedback Survey

1. 1953 Auto Center Dr, Antioch, CA 94509

This is our first location and it is shocking that customers who comes to dine in says the service is amazing. The servers are nice and friendly and the food is always fresh.

When getting into the drive thru service, there are sayings that the workers does not even look at you. Due to this, they end up giving you the wrong food. Despite this odd service, the drive thru is always busy.

The advantage of drive-thru is convenience and the food appears fast. I do not think this location of Panda Express is doing anything as such. There is always a congestion and it is not simple.

Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda Express Drive Thru

2. 704 US-22, Union, NJ 07083

Even about this drive thru, you are going to hear the same thing just like you did about the first one. I think they are really trying to improve though because people have been complaining since 2015.

During 2014, customers praised this location for being quick and serving delicious foods. Later, people started to notice that the staffs became rude. There were complains about the food being uncooked.

The portion was small and they did not add sauce. That was really disappointing to hear considering Panda Express makes tasty sauces and the portion is always huge. It was the same in the following year 2016 but this year, management is really taking the situation under control.

Now, customers say the manager is nice and lets you try free sample. The staffs are always happy and smiling. There is no communication gap. Previously, there were price issues as well but now it is not there.

Panda Express Drive Thru

Panda Express Drive Thru

4. 8118 Mira Mesa Blvd Space A, San Diego, CA 92126

If you are in the neighborhood, grab your meal from here. The drive-thru is fast and quick. The staffs try to keep the restaurant and kitchen clean so you do not have to worry about hygiene.

There are many regulars of Panda Express who just wants to eat Orange Chicken and rice. If you are that type of person, come here. They do not have Chow Mein as much as they have rice. If you are a noddle lover, there is a 30% chance of being disappointed because they might not have any.

Another problem could be if you arrive there at 10 AM, you will have to wait for food. You are probably wondering why I will go there when it just opened.

No, it opens at 9:30 and those who are the first customers has to wait more than an hour to get food. The behavior is nice here so you can stop by for Chinese food.

5. 5030 Rhonda Road, Anderson, CA 96007

It is somewhere where you can go for drive-thru as it has friendly staff and nice foods. If you have to wait in line and complain about it there is nothing to do because Panda Express always has lots of customers particularly during the meal times.

Many people complain about the wait. What can the staffs or the management do about it? The staffs try to work fast and provide the order quick so that the line keeps on moving.

The food is fresh and if they run out of it, they will let you know the duration before the next batch arrives. Sometimes, you may have to wait ten minutes before the food arrives. If you cannot be patient, this is not the place.

6. 688 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828

If you want to fall in love with Panda Express, then this is the place. It is consistently fresh and food. If you are here, then you are in luck because the staffs are hardworking and polite while the food is delicious.

The portions are also big here. Panda Express is famous because of the large amount they serve. While many other locations are getting Panda Express a bad reputation by serving small amount, this place still follows the style and rules of the original Panda Express.

If you are not sure what to order, go with the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. For beef lovers, the Beijing Beef is going to be a descent choice. It opens at 10:30 AM but when you arrive you will find food here, unlike many other locations.

If you are here for a trip, you can stay in any of the hotels nearby. When it is time for a meal, come here.