Is Pandas Express Food Healthy

Is Pandas Express Food Healthy? Here is How to Get It Right

Staying in the right weight has been a struggle for many people. Having the ideal weight has been a pain that every person must endure. With a lot of obese cases on the rise, people are constantly watching what they are eating to avoid complications that comes with making unhealthy choices.

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What weight are you? do you find yourself in a situation where you avoid some food because they are considered unhealthy for your weight? Well, you are not alone. It is a struggle especially if you are away from home and most of your food is meant to be from fast food near your office place.

Is Pandas Express Food Healthy

Is Pandas Express Food Healthy

Fast food joints are places where you can get a quick snack or a dish that you can eat to stop the hanger from sticking you during the day. The good thing about them is that they are always available whenever we need them, but the bad thing is that they don’t always serve meals that are healthy especially for weight watchers.

In the joints, you will find all the fried foods, steaks and not forget the deep-fried dishes and burgers that always have empty calories. If you are trying to maintain your weight by eating healthy, it can be hard to find the right food for your calorie free diet.

A good example of a fast food joint is the panda express food. It is a joint that offers Chinese American foods. With over 1200 branches from strip malls, airports, food courts, it has become peoples favorite joint for a quick snack or a meal.

They have a menu that has a lot of choices to choose from. Whenever you walk inside one of this joint, you will always have something new that you can eat. From noodles, fried steak to chicken steak, they always make sure you have the best of what they have to offer.

There have been speculations on how unhealthy their food is. With a lot of frying and deep frying done here, you cannot ignore the number of calories you are going to consume in their food. If you are a calorie counter, you will be tempted to avoid the place.

Well, how about I tell you that you don’t have to be afraid of the panda food express anymore. That you can walk in and have a meal without worries on how many calories you are taking, it can be amazing news, right? read along for you to know more.

With your home being away from your workplace and you must snack, there are ways that you can ensure what you are consuming is healthy and won’t have a big impact in your calories count. With the ways, you can make healthier choices and won’t have to starve yourself the whole day.

Next time you are thinking of eating at panda express joint, it is good you remember the following points to make sure that not only do you get full at the joint but also you maintain your weight with healthy food in the process;

Scroll online for the menu

You will agree with me that it is difficult to make an informed decision on what to eat when you are queuing in the line for a dish. You can be driven by your hanger into something unhealthy or even be tempted to have more than what your body require that time.

When you are hungry your body tends to crave for food with a lot of empty calories. That means when you are in the queue and waiting for your turn, you will be driven into ordering the wrong type of food from the joint.

The good thing about checking up the menu online is that you will be able to make your calculations and make the right choice.  With your online calorie calculator, you will be able to check out their menu, do your calculation and know how many calories are in what food.

Knowing the calorie count in each food will help you next time you walk into their food joint. That is because you will be able to order for foods that you saw earlier to have fewer calories. With that, you will be able to enjoy your meal without worrying about the calories because you had calculated earlier.

So, the next time you are thinking about having a meal at panda express food joint, take time and go online to see what they have on their menu and with your calories calculator, you will b able to know what to order and what to avoid.

Don’t go with the flow

I know when it comes to this, many of us make the mistake. Just because your friend wants a certain meal, you automatically want it. that is with no consideration of your calorie intake of the day. In the long run, we end up doing our body a lot of harm than good.

When it comes to panda express joint, the favorite food for every person who walks in is the traditional favorite orange chicken. What you don’t know is that the meal has a lot of calories in it. it has 18g fat and not to mention the calories that come with the chicken.

They ace it obvious that the orange breast is their signature meal, so you ill must taste it every time you walk in their joint. Yes, it is true that the meal is delicious, but it also comes with its share of calories that can make your hard work of losing weight time wasting.

To make your healthy choice, next time you walk in any of their joint, go for sweet and sour chicken breast. It is equally delicious, and the good news is that it is low in calories compared to the favorite orange chicken.

You can enjoy a meal here all you have to do is make an informed decision when it comes to what you eat. Let your friend enjoy his or her meal and make your choice with the calories count in mind and you will have no worries.

Go for servings with vegetables

You can never go wrong with vegetables. They are low in calories and high in vitamins and fiber that will go along way in helping you lose that weight even faster. When you look at their menu, there are several meals that are served with a vegetable that you can go for.

Except for servings with eggplant and tofu, any other meal in their menu that is accompanied with vegetables is a good choice to go for. That way, at the end of the meal, you will be full, and the calorie count will be favorable low.

Go for mushroom chicken, broccoli beef and any other meal with vegetables. The more the better so if they can have more in the serving, the better it will be for you. the aim of this is to make sure you will be full at the end of the meal and be with the right number of calories.

Be careful with the appetizers

Unfortunately, you don’t have a lot to choose from when it comes to appetizers at panda express joint. What is even worse is the few choices that you have are not as healthy as you may think. That is why you need to trade wisely here. so, what should you go for?

According to the menu, the healthiest appetizer you can go for is the chicken pot stickers.  That is because although it is served as a full serving, it always comes in a small portion, so you will not indulge a lot. With the little size that you will get, you will be able to keep the calorie count low.

Avoid rice and noodles

You will come across rice and noodles in every Chinese restaurant that you walk in. what you probably don’t know is the number of empty calories found in the rice and noodles. With a meal of either of the two, you will get full then get hungry faster than expected.

That is why it is recommended you make more healthy decisions than of consuming noodles or rice. Whether fried or boiled, there is no significant difference in the number of calories. The best thing you can do as a weight watcher is to avoid them at all cost.

Exercise control

It all narrows back to you. With all the above tips with no self-control, it will all be wasted. When you are losing weight, it involves a lot of sacrifices most especially when it comes to what you consume. It is good to always make healthy food decision for the sake of your health and your weight.

Being on a journey of losing weight does not mean you cannot enjoy a meal at a fast food. The question of whether the panda express food is healthy or not can be answered by you. know what is healthy in their menu then go ahead and enjoy your meal.