Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Beijing Beef Review

When you go to the Panda Express’ official website, you will want to check the menu. That is the main reason why most people go there. Upon hovering in the list of Entrees, at the bottom right at the top of Eggplant Tofu and Honey Walnut Shrimp. You will discover a spicy dish whose name sounds appealing. It is the Beijing Beef. I have always been a beef lover. Since I was a child, I would always order beef burgers, steaks and lasagna. Basically, I take beef over chicken, fish, tofu or anything, any day.

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Every time I search the internet for beef recipes I do not get anything that much. It is either Beef Kebabs or Barbecue whereas other ingredients have a lot of recipes.

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Vegetables

Let us not talk about vegetables because the list would cross a million dishes with spinach and broad bean pie and roasted cauliflower lasagna on top. Although, did you know the world’s best lasagna comes from beef.

If you are searching recipes for chicken or seafood or any kind of fish, there will be numerous of them. Consider to include some of the panda express vegetables that are discussed above

Panda Express Menu-Large lists of Dishes to choose from.

 I never tried Panda Express before even though I heard a lot about their Orange Chicken. My friends always have the Orange Chicken and rice as the Entrée. I do not remember what kind of rice they take.

I think the white steamed one or the fried rice. I would prefer Chow Mein over any kind of rice at Panda Express or anywhere. First of all, I can make rice at home whereas preparing Chow Mein would be difficult.

Plus, I do not get any taste in the brown or white rice. I feel the fried rice is overloaded with soy sauce, another reason why I think I can make it at home.

You can even make the Panda Express Beijing Beef at Home.

If you are trying to make Panda Express Beijing Beef at home, you will need a wok. If you like Chinese food and want to prepare them at home, get one today. Panda Express prepares all their dishes in the wok.

You will require Hoisin sauce, oyster sauce and sweet chili sauce. The wok will not be enough for this cooking, a large pan for frying is compulsory as well. Let us get back to the time when I first tried the Beijing Beef.

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Beijing Beef

Panda Express Beijing Beef Nutritional Data

It is like the Orange Chicken of Panda Express but with more calories. It has more than 400 calories, in fact more than a KFC fillet burger. To be precise, it has 470 calories and the KFC burger has 440 calories.

It has a lot of sugar in it, 24g and 25mg cholesterol. There is saturated fat along with a lot of calories coming from fat. The good news is that it does have Protein since it is beef and not vegetable. I ordered the Beijing Beef while my friends went with their usual chicken.

The Beijing Beef is tasty. When I was going to Panda Express with my friends by my car, I was wondering what crispy beef could be like.

Visit Panda Express to Get Best Customer Care Service

Getting back to Panda Express, upon entering, they served our food. Someone said “Welcome to Panda Express” as we entered. My friends had pre-ordered the food so there was no waiting.

The first bite blew me away because the beef was soft. I was worried whether my love for beef will be gone when I bite on a crispy solid chunk of beef. Beijing Beef is not an authentic or a real Chinese dish, it is made by Panda Express.

The good news is that it does not matter because it is tasty. Do not think that it is something from China. Panda Express is all about Americanized Chinese foods.

Make Sure to Try the Awesome Taste of Beijing Beef

Beijing Beef was first tested as a temporary dish on their menu. After customers started loving it, they made it an Entrée. The sweet and spicy sauce makes it taste like sweet and sour chicken

During lunch time, they make so much Beijing Beef yet they cannot sit on the trays. The batches of Beijing Beef finish even before they have been placed in the tray for twenty minutes.

The surprising fact is that even though it tastes so well, Orange Chicken sells more than this. Also, if you ask a group of ten people who tasted both of the Entrees what they would pick, 9 out of 10 will go with Orange Chicken.

Visit Panda Express and try the Broccoli Beef

There are people who thinks that Beijing Beef is real Chinese dish but the truth is that it is not. In fact, it is made up like the Mongolian Beef. It does not matter because it tastes nice and I would love to have it again and again. If you are worried about the calories then you can try the Broccoli beef which is a healthy option. Even though they have tables, I prefer take out when I get Beijing Beef once in a while.

13 thoughts on “Panda Express Beijing Beef Review

  1. Beverly

    Yesterday was my first time , to try Panda Express.
    I was so suprised at the choices , I got fried rice , grilled teriyaki chicken & Black pepper steak.
    I live 30 minutes away from Panda Express,
    And I will be returning soon, to get more of the good food and nice service, Thanks

  2. John Yount & Dylan I’Anson-Yount

    The large plate with 2 orange chicken, black pepper steak and fried rice was delicious

  3. Steve Ragsdale

    Worst service thru drive thru I’ve ever experienced. My order was totally botched and when I tried to call the store no one answered. Store # 2105 located in Weatherford Texas. I love the food but am tired of having my order messed up thru the drive thru.

    Steve Ragsdale

  4. Very post off customer

    Why give us option to do a survey for a free entree of your menu, if you are going to make it so complicated to do it. Leave the survey on a phone like everyone else who offers surveys for their company. Very disappointing after spending money in your business to find out you’re opting out from the call survey and leave us hanging with numerous ads and spam Mail for us to even go through your survey. Shame on you!

  5. Blanca rodriguez

    Yesterday was my bowl white rice and Kung pap chicken is so delicious and my daughter fried rice and broccoli beef, honey shrimp so delicious I can’t wait for next time:)

  6. Norma Martinez

    We really enjoy PE, we usually do a bowl, my husband loves the orange chicken, I love the Kung Pao chicken, always with the chow mein. I love the thin noodles! Today we both tried something different. He got a shrimp dish, I got angus steak. Both were delicious!
    I have been back and forth and all around this website to do the survey, and I have not yet found it. Please re-activate the phone system. This is ridiculous.

  7. nancy

    I love panda express I went to the panda in Palatine IL. and everything was fresh she was short handed but this girl made it work she was on it with kindness and good service and the place was clean my hats off to Maria thankyou

  8. Millie

    We love Panda Express and go almost every Sunday after Church. We usually have a code to get a third entree by taking the feedback survey. But….Now I never receive an email with the code, something you recently have started. Today when I opened to take the survey it is all new and I didn’t know where to click to start the survey!! Please help, we are very faithful customers and the staff servers know us and we enjoy seeing them each week. When I didn’t have a coupon they were very surprised when I explained what was happening.
    Thank you for helping me with this issue. We will continue to go each week to Panda, even without the coupon code.
    [email protected]


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