panda express cream cheese rangoon

Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoon as An Appetizer

When it comes to the food world, we have a lot to learn from. If you are not familiar with what to serve and what not to, it can be confusing and can leave you with questions and embarrassments at the same time. Are you fond of having guest around all the time? How do you handle seeing food?

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You are lucky if you have a chef at your service, this way, you will have the eight of serving off your shoulder. That is because the chef is trained to handle servings and they know what to release from the kitchen and at what time, after all, it is what they are trained to do.

panda express cream cheese rangoon

panda express cream cheese rangoon

If you don’t have a chef around, you will be tensed. You might not be able to serve your guest as desired. Do you know what napkin to use, which spoon to use or even hen to serve a certain food? You may be wondering why it is important to be organized when serving your food, here is why

When you have a guest over for a formal or informal meal, it is good to be organized. This is because there are several courses of food to be served and they need to be done so at the right time, using the right utensils. You can only do this if you are organized and know hat to have.

So, you have decided to entertain your guest with Asian cuisine. This could be a great way since they are delicious, easy to make and take less time when it comes to cooking. You have your meals right, you have decided to serve them with a mushroom beef meal.

You have the ingredients and the recipe, and you dig into cooking the dish, halfway through, you remember you need an appetizer for the guest before you serve the meal. You have no idea what to have as an appetizer and the only name that clicks to your mind is the panda express.

Yes, you have been there, so you know they serve great Asian cosines. They have grown to over 1200 branches and with the many branches comes with the experience, they make delicious meals that awaken taste buds of every customer who walks in their branches for a meal.

You go online and scroll down at their menu and you see they have four types of appetizers to choose from. There is this beautifully made type of appetizer that catches your eyes, the panda express cream cheese Rangoon. Before I tell you what it is made of, what is an appetizer?

What is an appetizer?

For those who have formal dinner and lunches, you know this small dish or drink that is served before a meal or the main course to stimulate one’s appetite. They are meant to make guest at home and entertain the guest before they are served the main meal.

An appetizer is meant t be light. Yes, light because you still have a meal to indulge in. if possible, it is supposed to be a one bite serving. But sometimes rules are not followed, they can be as heavy as the guest wants. The choice is up to the host.

At panda express, you have 4 choices to choose from. They may not be that healthy when it comes to the number of calories in them but who cares, it is meant t entertain your guest right? since you like what you see, you order out some cream cheese Rangoon and your guest leave your premises talking about how delicious everything was.

Now that the guests are gone, it is time you get to know how the cream cheese that you ordered are made, you might learn the technique and make some next time for your guest right? after all, they believed you when you told them that you made them yourself.

When it comes to things at panda express, the chef makes sure every meal is perfectly made with every taste in mind. No, wander the flower-like appetizers come out perfect.  They are carefully made with a creamy centre and crispy exterior, making them a perfect appetizer for every guest who orders one.

Let’s talk about the flavour, they are delicious right? that is because they have the cream cheese and the crispy delicious wontons. What we all agree on is ho hard it is to get the shape. We must admit that the chef does a good job when it comes to shaping them, how do they get the shape to all look alike?

That is a question that only the chef at panda express can answer. About the many speculations on whether the cream cheese is healthy or not. Well, it all narrows down to your daily calorie count. What is a fact being that they have laid don the calories content of every meal ad it is up to you to decide on it?


According to the ingredients, the appetizer seems to be easy to pull. That is because it has few ingredients to pick. At panda express they use the following ingredients to make creamy cheese Rangoon;

  • 8 ounces of cream cheese that are
  • 2 tablespoon of scallion that is minced.
  • 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder.
  • Enough oil.

Sounds simple right? yes, the ingredients are as simple as 1234. The hard part is yet to come. That does not mean that you cannot get the technique, read along and learn what it takes to make your own cream cheese Rangoon at home.

Step by step procedure of how to make cream cheese Rangoon


  • At panda express, the chef makes sure he or she has all she needs before starting on the technique.
  • In a small bowl, you need to mix the cream cheese, scallions and garlic powder together
  • Preheat oil in a heavy bottomed pot. It should not sit directly on the heat and should be slightly above it.
  • To make the beautiful flowers, take a spoon and place it in the middle of a wonton wrapper and using your fingers to add water to the edges of the wanton.
  • Push the four edges of each side into the middle and once there, press them together.
  • When you see that the middle is connected from all four sides, connect the little wings that are coming out of the middle.
  • You need to dry them for a while before your u start frying them. Start frying with the once that you made first. Fry them in the oil until they attain a perfect brown colour.
  • They are now ready to serve, and you can serve with a sweet or sour sauce.

It is not hard it seems when it comes to making the cream cheese. If you had the knowledge, you could have made them at home, right? yes, the look may make it look difficult to cook but they are not complicated to pull off.

Now that you feel like a pro, there are some points that are worth to remember when it comes to making the cream cheese Rangoon. This will a long way in helping when you finally get down to making them at home. when you are making them remember;

  • It is not bad to bend the rules

Yes, when it comes to cheese cosines, you can bend rules slightly. This does not mean that you are diverting from the real dish, it means that you are using what you must get what you have. If you cannot find something in the ingredient, you can substitute and still pull the meal off.

  • Who said you must get the shape right

Who the hell said you must get the shape right? what you want is the appetizer at the end of it all. That means you can fold the wanton in half or even square. Work with what is applicable to your skills. If you can’t grasp the skill of folding like the panda express one, the lake you’re in the shape and enjoy cooking.

  • Don’t mind the calories

Appetizers at panda express are known to have a lot of calories. This does not mean that you should enjoy the delicacy. Treat it like a cheat meal, yes, a cheat meal. How can you resist such a delicious appetizer all in the name of calories? The good thing is that you can control the portion that you take.

  • Enjoy your cooking

Do you enjoy cooking like I do? The good thing about gaining new skills is that you will have another meal to enjoy making. With the skills involved, get your kids or partner in this to make it more fun and interesting. This will make you master the skills faster than you thought.

Appetizers are meant to stimulate our taste buds and prepare them for the main course, there is no better way of doing this than making or ordering some cream cheese Rangoon. They are delicious, easy to make and once you have them, they set you and your gust in the mood for more dishes.