Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Panda Express Free Entree Survey (2019) Win Free Food

When you want to take the Panda Express survey online you have to use the number that is on the receipt. For example, 1933, 1722 etc. Based on the number, they will ask you about the location. It means that the Panda Express free entree survey has strict rules about people making up codes just to get free food. Previously, people use to get free entree like this and now the system has much more developed itself to ensure that there is no cheating. There are numerous locations of Panda Express and it could be that you were in the Houston, Texas one that is in Eldridge Parkway.

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If your location is correct, then continue with the survey. Take a look at the receipt, above the items you ordered, you will see an order number such as 123456. Type that and click next.

Security Fixes With the Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Panda Express Free Entree SurveyTo make the test much more authentic and honest and keep scammers away, they will ask about the time. Previously, when they did not ask about the time, they did not have any record to match to find out if they were serving food to scammers or not.

Every restaurant has a copy of the time when a customer has placed their order. The same goes here. You will get four options: before 2 PM, between 2 PM to 5 PM, between 5 PM to 9PM and after 9 PM. They will also want to know about the trays at the steam table. You should try to remember whether they were almost filled or totally full and there is no need to worry if you cannot recall.

Describe Your Experience With Different Panda Express Services

There is an option for that as well. Since Panda Express does not have their delivery system and you have to use third-party food delivery services, you cannot have that as an option for type of order. They have dine-in, take out and drive thru.

No matter what kind of order it was, you have to select an option that describes your experience. If you are too much happy like most customers are, pick “highly satisfied” and if they did not something that made you upset, you can always go with “dissatisfied”. No matter what you picked, you have to describe it in the box. That is a brilliant way to let the authority know what they are doing right and things they should avoid.

Submitting Honest Description-a Sample Analogy

For instance, you were at the drive thru and you pick your food. You are happy with the staff’s behavior but you did not like the quality of the food. It was either overcooked or burnt. In that case, when you describe in the box what made you dissatisfied, they will be focusing on that issue of that location. It is one of the ways Panda Express still maintains a reputation for having a huge customer base and running the chain globally.

If they did not care about what the guests, customers and the regulars think, they would not be America’s one of the most likeable Chinese restaurant. The authority can find out whether the staff was polite with you or not. The Panda Express Free Entree Survey asks questions like if the workers greeted you, did they offer you any sample and a beverage.

The owners know the importance of customer service for achievement and success. They offer beverage to everyone and they also greet you when you will arrive. If they did not, there is something sure you can complain about in the survey!

Describing Your Visit to the Restaurant- Using Section on Free Survey

Now, it is time to rate the main part of the survey that will describe your visit at the restaurant. Start with the amount of food. Some people say that they put so much food that it is enough for two meals. While some folks say that Panda Express used to deliver a huge quantity before and now they have decreased the quantity.

Describing the Food Temperature- if You Loved the Same or You Didn’t

The temperature of the food is also significant. You do not want cold Chinese food obviously. If you are not happy with the temperature, you can put that data there on the Panda Express free entrée survey. The most important factor of any dish is the freshness. Despite the taste, if a dish is fresh and prepared with high-quality ingredients that can be a win-win. Also, place the info whether you were happy with the variety available there. Finally, do not forget the taste.

Describing Your Food Taste

Panda Express Free Entree Survey

Panda Express Free Entree SurveyIf you are a regular of Panda Express, you should love the taste. Although some regulars also say from time to time, they did not like the taste of some food and such. As mentioned above, you have to rate the quality of ingredients. Most of the time, customers are satisfied with the temperature, freshness and the ingredients.

If you were at the drive thru, do not think the staff has a chance to misbehave. You can put the information here if they did. If you are here to dine in or take your food home, do not forget to mention how clean or dirty the place was. That is important because there are so many Panda Express restaurants in so many locations that the authority needs to know if all the locations are maintaining cleanliness or not.  You should know whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the friendliness of the staffs, speed at which they served you and how you liked your visit.

Describe Whether You Will Return to the Enterprise or Not

Now that you have covered almost all of the part of the Panda Express Free Entrée survey, you have to mention whether you are going to return or not. You also have to put the answer to whether you are going to recommend to your friends and family.

You also have to put if there was a problem in your visit. The next step will show a box where you can elaborate your problem. It is truly wonderful how Panda Express tries to keep each of their customers happy. Then, answer some questions about yourself such as how many times you visit in a month, your age and gender. After you finish the survey, they will provide a code which will let you have the free entree.


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