Panda Express Gift Card

What You Need to Know About Panda Express Gift Card

There was nothing that was surprising to me than to receive my first gift card from my husband for my birthday. I had a rough idea about gift cards, but I did not expect to be given one. I was excited, and I could not wait for the following day. I called my girlfriend and we went on a shopping spree.

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We all need an easy life, a life where you don’t have to risk buying a gift for a loved one only to be disappointed because they didn’t like it. there is always a special friend or relative that will be glad if you paid for his or her shopping, do you drag them into a shopping mall and ask them what they want?

Panda Express Gift Card

Panda Express Gift Card

We all love gift, don’t we? There is a special feeling of love that comes with every gift you receive. There are so many types of gifts you can give someone, or you can receive and that is where the problem is. We don’t seem to decide what our loved ones want.

This can be annoying, receiving something that you already have, and they expect you to be surprised, how can that be possible? This was what drove my husband to gift me with the card. He implied it was hard to buy me a gift for my birthday.

Thanks to the dilemma of what to gift someone, retail shops saw the gap that was there. They came up with gift cards. With them, you can be able to be gifted r gift someone with what they need, and, in the process, they were able to increase their sales.

What is a gift card?

Just like the name “gift” it can be described to gift someone with a flexibility and freedom to buy what they want. Have you been gifted with such a card?  How did you go around it? a gift card is given by retail shops as a stored value money card.

Once you are gifted with such a card, you are expected to use the card n specific retail stores to purchase what you want within a specified period. The card is also used by retail stores as a promotional package to entice customers into coming back to the store to shop more

Features of a credit card

So, how do you know you have a credit card? If it is your fast time to have a card, you can be confused don hat to expect from the card. The good thing you need to do is to enlighten yourself on what to expect with the card, here are some features you will find in a credit card;

The card is preloaded with money

Yes, it is a money gift in form of a card. The person who gifted you with the card loaded a certain amount of money that he or she expects you to redeem by buying the gift of your choice from the recommended outlets

You are free to use

Once the card is delivered to you, you have the authority and freedom to use the card however you wish to. If it’s a travel gift, you can go ahead and travel without waiting, if it is for shopping, you can go ahead to the recommended outlets and shop for your preferred gift.

Use at specific stores

You cannot receive a gift shop randomly. the gift card is intended to be used in specific outlets as specified. It is good to know where you are supposed to use the card for the card to be useful to you.

Advantages of a gift card

  • No worries of gift rejection

With the many preferences that people have, it is difficult to surprise someone with a gift that they ill love. You may get what they want but get wrong when it comes to the color but a gift card, the recipient goes ahead and buy what makes him or her happy.

  • Ease to send

With gift cards, gifting has become easier. You can gift a cousin who is overseas without worrying about the shipping fee and what he or she wants, all you must do is purchase the gift card and ship it to him or her to buy what they want, convenient right?


  • Specific

This card is very specific when it comes to here you should use it. that can limit the recipient especially if the place that is recommended for use is far from where they live. They may also be not recurring something from the store.

  • A sign of laziness

A lot of people love shopping for gifts. We also love to receive gifts and there is nothing emotional like receiving a gift that you really needed. When it comes to a gift card, it is considered as a sign of laziness, that you don’t want to undergo the trouble of choosing a gift.

  • Can cost recipient

Yes, you may receive a gift for a cost. That when you receive the card, you will undergo an extra cost of using the card which can be inconvenient for you especially if you had no extra money to spend.

  • Some expire

You can receive a card and end up being stressed up on here to use the card before it expires. That is an addition problem since the card cash is not refundable and once it expires, you cannot use the card bringing about inconveniences.

Now that you have an insight on what to expect with a gift card, which card did you receive or anticipating getting? A panda express gift card? Before you go ahead and acquire one, it is good you inform yourself with what you expect from the card.

What is a panda express gift card?

This is a gift card issued by panda restaurant group. Panda express outlets have been around for a while with branches all over USA states, they use the card as a promotional way to keep their customers coming in for more.

When you decide to get the card, there are laid down rules and regulations that you should follow if you have the card so that you will avoid having problems with them, the rules include;

Money loaded into a card

You will have a card loaded with some cash. They state that the value dollar that is loaded onto the card is always a prepayment of goods and services offered at the panda express store. This means you can only use the card in the recommended panda express outlets.

The card is treated like cash

Once you have the card, you will use it as money at their outlets. That means you are solely responsible for any transactions done with the card. That you will be sorely responsible even for the loss that might incur to the cards

You are also made to understand that the cash loaded onto the card is non-refundable. That means in case the card expires, there is no way you can get back the cash that you had loaded onto the card. Also, in case the cards lost, stolen or destroyed, it cannot be replaced by another one.

Where to use

The card has specific places where it can be used. the card can only be used in recommended panda express outlets. You should also know that the card cannot be used at some;

 Airport.
 Casino.
 Stadium.
 Supermarket.
 Theme parks.
 University locations.

Where to get the card

You have read all the instructions and you have decided that you want to gift someone with a panda express gift card. Do you know where to get the card?  Except for panda group of companies and from specific banks, you can get the card from the following outlets;

 Albertsons.
 Capital One.
 CVS pharmacy.
 Giant.
 Go wallet.
 Home deports.
 Krogen.
 Meijein.
 Raley’s.
 Ship with scrip.
 Stop and shop.

According to customers all over, the card is considered convenient and more and more customers are getting the card. The good thing about the card is also the fact that you can reload the card from different locations. You can also look online for the balance available to know what fund is available for use.

When it comes to customer care, they have a well-functioning customer care center where you can call and inquire anything about your card. This builds in the confidence in that the customer can get the card knowing that in case of any queries, they will be addressed on time.

So, you are thinking of gifting someone, this is a card you can get for a friend who always hustles for a place get food fast in between his or her busy schedule. If you have your card from someone, now you know where you can use it. go ahead and treat yourself or treat someone with a delicious meal from panda express joint.