panda express nyc

Panda Express New York

Do you work in the busy streets of New York? Do you find yourself hungry with no place to have a healthy meal? Amid all the junk in the place, you need a joint where you can have a dish that is full of nutrients and perfect for your diet. The following panda express has just what you need;

416 86TH street

Brooklyn NY 11209

Phone number:718-439-0906


Opening hours:11am-9.30pm

  • 8TH & 31ST

414Eighth avenue

New York NY 10001

Phone number:917-639-3302


Opening hours:11am-10.30pm

  • 9TH & 46TH

663 Ninth Avenue

New York NY 10036

Phone number.:212-969-7363


Opening hours:11am-11pm

2852 Broadway

New York, NY 10025

Phone number:212-678-0139


Opening hours:10.30am-10.30pm


3080 Mall walk

Yonkers, NY 10704

Phone numbers.:914-968-9138


Opening hours:11am-9.30pm

You have a lot to choose from panda express menu. From black pepper chicken to broccoli dishes. You can also build your own plate at an affordable price. So, if you are a person who is on a diet, you still get to have a nice healthy meal here.

Being in New York streets when you are hungry can be tempting for a person on a diet. That is because there is a lot of junk food available. Thanks to panda express New York, you now get to have healthy choices to choose from. Walk in and enjoy your meal.