Panda Express Sauce

What is a Sauce and About Panda Express Sauce

When it comes to the topic of food, e cannot exhaust on what we need to know about it. we need food to survive and that is why we need to have the best when it comes to our nutrition. Do you find yourself wanting the best when it comes to food? Read along as e no more.

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There are various ways in which you can enjoys your food. You can have it fried, boiled or even stir-fried. All this are done to enhance the taste of the food and make it easier for us to consume the food. Do we eat food because of how it tastes?

Panda Express Sauce

Panda Express Sauce

Let us be honest, we are all driven into a certain food due to how it is tasting right? no one wants to have an awfully tasting food in front of them. E all want to enjoy a meal that is well prepared and presented. It brings out our appetite and we can get ourselves with such a meal.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Food can be stale or lack taste at all. It could be due to its mode of preparation or the ingredients put into them. With such a meal, you need to enhance the taste, how do you do that?
You can enhance the taste of a meal by either using herbs, they will surely spice up the food and enhance the taste. You can also make use of chili which can make food to be hot and spicy and, in the process, the taste is enhanced, or you can make a sauce as a side dish.

Now that you have an idea of what you need do to your food, it’s time to dig deeper into how best you can enhance that taste. You need to have a plan on how you will make that stale and tasteless food to be appealing to you and to the people you are going to share the meal with. That is where the sauce comes in.

What is a sauce?

It is a side dish that has been using since the old age. It was used to enhance flavor into a badly cooked food and in stale food. As evolution came by, more and more recipe has come up on how to make different types of sauce to make that meal interesting and worth eating.

A sauce is described as a liquid or semiliquid substance that is served as a side dish with a meal to enhance flavor and add some moisture in the meals. The sauce came to do wonders. That is because it can turn a meal from a dull not interesting one to a meal that one wants to taste.

Components of a sauce

A sauce is one simple thing that you can make in your kitchen. That is because it involves three simple components and a simple procedure. For ease, make sure you have them in the kitchen at all time. The components are;

  • A body which can be stock, milk or fat.
  • A thickening agent which can be a roux, starch or liaison.
  • Flavoring or seasoning.

Importance of a sauce

Apart from enhancing the flavor, the sauce has come to work magic on various parts that would have been difficult to pull off when it comes to cooking. Here are some of the good deeds that sauce does to our meals every time we use it.

  • Enhance taste

Like I mentioned earlier, who wants to be treated to a dull tasting food that does do not awaken the taste buds? Am sure no one would want that. We all want that when we are hungry, we should be able to quench the hunger with a good tasting meal.

Thanks to a sauce, you can do that. When you serve a meal with a sauce or prepare using one, you will be able to enhance the taste of the food. A sauce has a sharp taste that immediately awakens the taste buds hence you will be able to enjoy the meal.

  • Add moisture

Some meals are served dry and with no moisture. It can be a struggle to eat and swallow such a meal. Such food needs a wet side dish that you can easily use to make the meal wet and easy to eat. There is the various sauce that can be used for that.

A good example is a white sauce that adds creaminess to a firm and dry food. If you have a good sauce while taking such a meal, am sure you will enjoy the food more than the one that is dry and with no moisture.

  • Aid in digestion

Yes, you may be surprised by this, but it is true. some sauce is made of herbs that are good for our digestive system if you have a problem with your digestive tract or you just want to enhance your bowel movement, a sauce may be all you need.

Next time when you are taking a meal that you suspect can interfere with your bowel movement, the best thing to do is have an herbal sauce to accompany the meal. A good example of good herbal sauce is the mint sauce and the applesauce.

  • Stimulate appetite

Using a sauce can shoot your appetite up to the roof. Yes, a good tasting meal can make you eat even if you don’t have a mood of eating. This can be good especially for people who have eating problems. Try a sauce and you will be eating all the way.

Making a sauce is one thing and getting right is another one. There are various techniques used to make the sauce and the question that is left how a good sauce should look like. How do you know that you have prepared the sauce the right way?

Qualities of a good sauce


The thickness of a sauce is determined by the roux and the starch. You should make sure your sauce viscosity is right. it is neither too thick nor too runny. Harmony is the key here. You need to get your ingredients right to achieve the right thickness.


This is how the sauce feels when it is put in the mouth. It involves the distribution of the particles to form the right feeling. The roux in the sauce should be well distributed together it the other ingredients to have the right texture.


Yes, the appearance of the sauce also matters. That is because the appearance also drives one into eating a meal. You should make sure the color is bright enough and well blended in the food. The color will be because of the ingredients so choose them well.


Make sure you taste the sauce while in the process of preparing it. that is to ensure that you achieve the required taste without going overboard. Getting the right taste involves using the right proportions of the ingredients.

If you don’t know how to prepare a sauce at home, there is always an option for you. you can go online or to your local shopping center and get a good sauce to serve your purpose. A good type of sauce is the panda express sauce.

What is panda express sauce?

These are special sauces prepared and made by panda express restaurant with the aim of flavoring and accompanying their meals. Due to the demand of their customers, they have decided to cell their sauces to the public for them to use at home.

Panda Express has been in operation since 1979. With the years of experience, they are known to have signature meals that customer comes to eat and enjoy every time. The most notable and peoples favorite are the orange flavored chicken meal.

This meal is made sweeter using the orange sauce. This is a signature sauce that they use in the chicken to make the meal more delicious and loved by many. The sauce is made using the following ingredients;

  • Vinegar
  • Soy sauce
  • Sesame oils
  • Sugar
  • Orange zest or zest
  • Crushed red pepper

The chef carefully blends the ingredients and come up with a sauce that is then using to prepare the arrange flavored chicken breast. The good thing about all of this is that they have a sauce in the market that they have prepared for their customers to purchase and use at home.

Remember that they don’t only have the orange sauce, they have different flavored sauces that are available depending on what you want and what you are serving it with. Go to their website and you ill know the various other types that they have.

You don’t have to have a dull tasting meal at your table. You can easily make I tastier by making a sauce to enhance the flavor of your meal. If you cannot make one at home, panda express is at your service offering you different sauces that will surely awaken your taste buds. Purchase one and enjoy your meal.